Pocono Mountain Speedway Banquet - Eric was crowned 2001 Modified Champion - Nov 24

Saturday and Sunday, October 20 - 21 - Thompson Speedway - NASCAR FEATHERLITE MODIFIED TOUR

Northampton, PA NASCAR Modified Driver Eric Beers competed in the Thompson Speedway NASCAR Featherlite Modified Tour Race Sunday, Oct 20-21. The Sunoco Race Fuels Driver in the Start Finish Productions #36 qualified 13th out of 55 cars on Saturday, October 20. Eric was as high as 6th place on Sunday for the 125 Lap Feature, but continued to fight a tight car. He scored a 10th place finish and brought the car home without a scratch.

Sunday, October 14 - Pocono Mountain Speedway - King of the Mountain

Pocono Mountain Speedway was host to the 2nd annual King of the Mountain race weekend. In the final race of the season, young Northampton PA's Matt Hirshman led all 100 laps, holding off some top competitors to win the Modified feature of the open competition event. Hirshman got to sit on the pole for the start, and managed to hold off Chuck Schartzer for the first 3/4 of the race. Chris Ammon, Dean Gulick, and Tim Santee held the remaining top 5 spots in the early laps. A number of early cautions slowed the racing action, but following a restart on lap 12, the field ripped off a 27 lap green flag run. Hirshman continued to lead, with Schartzer close behind, with the pair putting some distance on Ammon in 3rd. Schartzer looked for room to pass, but just couldn't carry enough speed down the straight away.

A caution on lap 40, for a multi-car pile up in turn 3, sent a number of cars to the pits for the remainder of the race. At the halfway point, Hirshman, Schartzer, and Ammon still held the top 3. John Markovic and Eric Beers moved up to claim 4th and 5th.

The second half of the race was run at a much quicker pace than the first half. Only two yellows fell over the final 50 laps, with the final one on lap 76. By the final caution, Beers had moved up to 2nd and ready to challenge for the win. For about the first 15 laps after the restart, Beers stayed close to Hirshman, keeping the pressure on the young second generation hot shot. Hirshman was up to the task and kept the track points champion behind him. Hirshman ran a perfect race, making no mistakes to give the win away. He ended up winning by a couple car lengths at the checkered, and led an extra insurance lap just to make sure. Beers settled for the runner up, followed by Schartzer, Markovic, and Don Wagner who made a late race charge to round out the top 5.

MODIFIED (100 LAPS): MATT HIRSHMAN, Eric Beers, Chuck Schartzer, John Markovic, Don Wagner, Chris Ammon, Cal Snyder, Tim Santee, Jim Hauser Jr, Mark Washko, Brian Romig, Andy Szapacs, Billy Swartz, Ed Gilligan, Doug Yanders, Lou Strohl, Shaun Carrig, Mike Adams, Russ Fratz, Dean Gulick, Matt Wentz, C.J. Jones, Ricky Dorshimer, Scott Lesher

Saturday, October 13, 2001 - Oswego Speedway - Sunoco Race of Champions

Eric competed in the Sunoco Race of Champions and the King of the Mountain at Pocono Mountain Speedway this weekend running in over 300 laps of racing.
The team decided to take the 94 Modified up to the Race of Champions to compete in the Small Block Race. Eric was running in a qualified position in his heat when he got stuck behind a slower car that the competitor behind him used as a pick. This meant running a consi to get in the feature which Eric did and captured the last qualifying spot. Eric finished 2nd in his Modified heat in the #19 Modified and redrew the outside pole.
Eric started the Small Block race in 32nd position and just waited his time, as attrition played a big part in front of him. He ran a smart race to bring the Sunoco Race Fuels, Horwith Racing #94 home for a 8th place finish.
The 51st annual Sunoco Race of Champions took the green flag a 10:08 PM on Saturday night with Eric running second for the 1st 75 laps behind Tim Mangus. On lap 75 Tim Mangus spun coming out of Turn 4 handing Eric the lead. Eric led the 200 lap race until caution flew on lap 122. Pit strategy is key at this race, for example eventual winner George Kent pitted on lap 51 and had worked his way up to 3 when Eric pitted for fresh rubber. Eric came out of the pits in about the 25th position on the restart. He was the car on the move, passing inside, outside - the car was hooked up. Within 20 laps (including a few cautions) Eric was up to 8th when something mechanical went wrong, relegating the car to the pits on lap 154, dashing any chance of that first RoC victory even though he had the fastest car on the track.


Sunday, September 30, 2001 - Pocono Mountain Speedway, Hazleton, PA


Eric Beers won the Modified Championship on Sunday afternoon at Pocono Mountain Speedway. The championship was won after a season that was marked of consistency. Of the 19 Races ran, Eric finished in the top 5 a total of 17 times including 4 wins. This also marks the second time in Eric's career that he has won the championship at this track

This marks the first championship for team owner Adam Horwith who has been together with Eric for the past 3 years.

Sunday, September 23, 2001 - Pocono Mountain Speedway, Hazleton, PA

Eric started 14th and after many cautions kept the car in one piece and came home for another top 5 finish, picking up 5th.

Saturday, September 15, 2001 - Pocono Mountain Speedway, Hazleton, PA

Tim Santee led all the laps, holding off all challengers on his way to winning Modified feature at Pocono Mountain Speedway. Santee grabbed the lead from the outside of the front row. C.J. Jones followed from the outside of the 2nd row, with Mark Washko, Russ Frantz, and Chris Ammon in the early top 5. The race stayed green until lap 8, where 3 cautions fell over a two-lap span. Santee held the lead, now followed by Jones, Frantz, Ammon, and John Markovic. Three other cautions flew over the course of the race, with a couple being multi car pileups. Over the remaining laps, there was little change in the top 5. Santee lead the rest of the way to earn the victory, holding off fan favorite Frantz. Jones had a solid run to finish 3rd, followed by Markovic and Ammon. Cal Snyder, Matt Hirshman, and Tim Henry rounded out the top 10.

Two Drivers who moved up through the field were Don Wagner, who started in 11th to finish 6th and the Sunoco Race Fuels, Horwith Trucking Modified Driver, Eric Beers came off the grid in 13th to finish 7th. This was Eric's first finish out of the top five this season at Pocono Mountain Speedway.

MODIFIED (30): TIM SANTEE, Russ Frantz, C.J. Jones, John Markovic, Chris Ammon, Don Wagner, Eric Beers, Cal Snyder, Matt Hirshman, Tim Henry, Paul Koehler Jr., Adam Horwith, Brain DeFebo, Steve Nederostek, Andy Szapacs, Shaun Carrig, Dave Anderson, Mark Washko, Jim Hauser Jr., Roger Heffelfinger Jr., Mike McManus.

Saturday, September 8, 2001 - Pocono Mountain Speedway, Hazleton, PA

Taking advantage of starting towards the front of the field, Paul Koehler Jr avoided the early mishaps, then held off the challenge of Eric Beers to grab is first ever Pocono Mountain Speedway Modified win. A total of 24 Modifieds took to the track for the Modified feature. Russ Frantz was the leader early on, while Koehler Jr moved up to 2nd from the outside of the second row. Pole sitter, Doug Yanders slipped back to 3rd, with Shaun Carrig and C.J. Jones rounding out the early top 5. Another caution on lap 5 and a pair on lap 12 kept the pace slow. The 2nd yellow proved costly for the leader Frantz, when something broke down the back straight away, causing a number of cars to pile up behind him. Once the track was cleared from the caution, the entire field was sent to the pits. Officials decided to run the remaining 2 features before bringing out the modifieds to finish their race. During the wait in the pits, no modified cars were worked on. Once the race resumed, Frantz was not able to continue, handing the lead over to Koehler Jr, with Yanders in 2nd. Carrig was 3rd, followed by Jim Hauser Jr, and Eric Beers who moved up through the field for the 5th spot.

On the restart, Beers grabbed two spots, and by the halfway point, was up to 2nd and challenging for the lead. Three more yellows flew over the remaining laps, with Koehler Jr leading the way to the checkered. Beers was close enough to make a move, but just couldn't get it done, having to settle for 2nd. Don Wagner battled back after being towed off the track on the opening lap, to finish 3rd. Carrig had a solid run in 4th, while Matt Hirshman also fought his way back up from an early pit stop to round out the top 5.

MODIFIEDS (30 LAPS): PAUL KOEHLER JR, Eric Beers, Don Wagner, Shaun Carrig, Matt Hirshman, Adam Horwith, C.J. Jones, Tim Henry, Marc Rogers, Mike Adams, Doug Yanders, John Markovic, Jim Long Jr, Jim Hauser Jr, Andy Szapacs, Joe Torchia Jr, Russ Frantz, Mark Washko, Chris Ammon, Roger Heffelfinger Jr, Tim Santee, Chuck Schartzer, Mike McManus.

Saturday, September 1, 2001 - Pocono Mountain Speedway, Hazleton, PA - Twin 20's

The Modified Twin 20's highlight the racing program and Pocono Mountain Speedway, with Russ Frantz and Eric Beers each taking the checkered. The purse was awarded based on points for each finishing positions in both races, with Adam Horwith declared the overall with a 2nd and 6th place finishes. In the first 20 lapper, Cal Snyder grabbed the lead from the outside pole, while pole sitter, Tim Henry dropped back in line in the 2nd spot. A caution on lap 1, brought the field back together, with Adam Horwith, Russ Frantz, and Shaun Carrig, following Snyder and Henry.When the time the field reached the next caution, Snyder was still leading. Frantz was now 2nd, followed by Horwith, Henry, and Carrig. On the restart, the top 5 all head their positions. On lap 14, Frantz was able to make a run on the inside of Snyder, to take over the lead. Horwith followed Frantz into 2nd, with Snyder dropping in line in 3rd. Over the remaining six laps, there was no change in the top 5, with Frantz crossing the line first, followed by Horwith, Snyder, Henry, and Carrig.

The field was stopped on the front straight, allowing teams to make minor adjustments. Drivers on the lead lap all drew for starting spots for the 2nd 20 laps.

Henry drew the pole, and held the lead over the early laps. Tim Santee started on the outside of the front row, and ended up slipping back through the field. Eric Beers started 3rd, and quickly moved up to challenge Henry for the lead. John Markovic was 3rd, followed by Jim Hauser Jr and Matt Hirshman. After a couple laps chasing the leader, on lap 7, Beers was able to get around Henry for the lead. Markovic, Hauser Jr, and Hirshman rounded out the top 5. Henry seemed to have the overall victory well in hand, with a 4th place finish in the first 20, and running 2nd at the time. A pair of cautions on lap 9, proved to be a key point in the race. On the first restart, a big pile up on the back straight and turn 4, brought out the red flag, when Cal Snyder went end over end. Snyder emerged OK, but was finished for the evening. The second restart proved fatal for Henry, allowing Markovic, Hirshman, and Wagner to get by. There was one final caution on lap 16, with no change in the top 5. At the line, Beers got the win, followed by Markowic, Hirshman, Wagner, and Henry in the top 5. Horwith was declared the overall winner, followed by Henry, Markovic, Beers, and Hirshman.

Saturday, August 25, 2001 - Pocono Mountain Speedway, Hazleton, PA

Eric started the Sunoco Race Fuels, Horwith Freightliner, Wynn's, Brown Daub, and Classic Cleaners # 19 in the 10th position. A caution on lap 2 sent Eric through the turn field grass in order to miss the pile up in front of him. Eric restarted in 7th and from there he took to the outside and inside, picking his time to advance to the front. Eric led the last third of the race, pulling out to a straightaway lad at times.

Saturday, August 11, 2001 - Pocono Mountain Speedway, Hazleton, PA

Afternoon rains forced changes to the racing program for the second week in a row. Officials decided to skip the heat races, using the points handicap to set the feature lineups. Adam Horwith took control of the Modified race, leading the final 20 laps for his first ever win at Pocono Mountain Speedway. Mike McManus took the early lead from the pole, and pulled out to a 5 car length lead. Horwith was 2nd, followed by John Markovic, Don Wagner, and Doug Yanders. On lap 9, McManus got loose in turn 2, allowing Horwith to slip by and take over the lead. McManus was pressing to regain the lead, and on the next time through 2, ended up spinning and bringing out the yellow. Wagner had a great restart, and was able to get around Markovic for 2nd. Szapacs was 4th, followed by Chris Ammon. During the a 5 lap green flag run, Eric Beers moved into the top 5, getting around Ammon for position. The final caution of the race fell on lap 25 with Horwith still leading the way. The heavy rains of the prior 24 hours cleaned off the track, making passing extremely difficult. Horwith led the final 5, picking up the win in the Horwith Freightliner #94. Wagner finish 2nd, followed by Markovic, Szapacs, and Beers.

Saturday, August 4, 2001 - Pocono Mountain Speedway, Hazleton, PA

A rain delay in the middle of the heats, stopped the racing action for over an hour, but didn't dampen the celebration for a number of
drivers making their first trip to victory lane. Northampton, PA, Modified Driver Matt Hirschman, son of NASCAR Featherlite Modified tour Champion Tony Hirschman, showed his racing lineage by winning his first ever modified feature at Pocono Mountain Speedway.

Pole sitter Mike McManus jumped out to the lead when the green dropped. Shaun Carrig moved up to take 2nd, while Hirshman started on the outside of the front row, falling back to 3rd during the early laps. John Markovic and Jim Hauser Jr filled out the rest of the top 5.

The cautions were fast and furious, with four falling in the first five laps. Hirshman was able to take advantage of great restarts, moving up to
take the lead by lap 5. McManus slipped back to 2nd, with Hauser Jr using the restarts to take 3rd. Carrig fell back to 4th, followed by Andy
Szapacs. The field went on a nine lap green flag run, with little change in the top 5. Hirshman, McManus, Hauser Jr, and Carrig held their spots in the first four. On lap 10, Szapcas spun to the infield on the back straight, and remained there until the next caution. That allowed Markovic to move back
into the top 5. The final five laps of the race, were run exactly like the first five. A caution came out with five to go. During the caution laps, McManus who began smoking in the prior laps, was sent back to the pits for putting oil on the speedway. Hirshman continued to lead the field, with Hauser Jr moving up to the spot vacated by McManus. Carrig, Markovic, and Chris Ammon rounded out the top 5. Carrig was involved in an incident in turn 2 on the next lap, ending his run at a top 5 finish. Markovic, Ammon, and Russ Frantz each moved up a spot behind Hirshman and Hauser Jr. A couple more cautions marred the final laps, forcing officials to end the event a lap early in an attempt to complete the entire racing program before the curfew. Hirshman lead the way to the checkered, followed by Hauser Jr and Markovic. Eric Beers battled back from an early incident to finish 4th and earn the hard charger award, while Ammon settled for 5th


Saturday, July 28, 2001 - Pocono Mountain Speedway, Hazleton, PA

Eric started the first feature of the evening in the 10th position. It was a slow start to the 30 lap race but Eric began his move to the front. Slowly he picked off one car at a time as it seemed the car was coming to him. Eric made his way up to 2nd and he seemed to be faster going into the turn but slower going out of the turn behind winner Russ Frantz. That point was reinforced after the races were over when it was revealed that the 110 Car of Frantz only had one bolt left in the rear end casing and that the gear oil was leaking out during the race. Eric's car looked like it was put through a car wash with oil when he pulled in the pits.

The second feature Eric could not have painted a better picture than if Van Gogh was behind the wheel. No Heat races were run so Eric was handicapped to the 14th starting position. From the drop of the green flag this guy was on the move. Within two laps Eric was in the top ten. Five more laps later he was in the top five. Several moves inside then outside then inside - The car was hooked. It was fun watching the race and Eric anticipating his next move. Several cautions put Eric in different restart positions making the race interesting until about lap 20 when he went to the lead position and never looked back. A good win for the team following a two month win drought that saw them at Pocono Mountain Speedway every Saturday and several tour races and special open Modified Shows.

Saturday, July 21, 2001 - Pocono Mountain Speedway, Hazleton, PA

There were 17 Modifieds in attendance on this night so management broke the heat races into two. Eric started 8th in his heat race and finished third in what was some great racing. The feature lineup had Eric starting 14th. The first 20 Laps went green and Eric went to work right away. Working the outside Eric made his moves until he got hung up in a pack of five cars with no where to go. THIS ultimately cost Eric the race because this side by side racing went on for about 4 - 5 laps and at the end of the race Eric needed 1 or two more laps to get around the leader because on the checkered flag lap Eric was under the 2nd place finisher and would have been in second just past the finish line. All in all another great job by Eric who now has 10 consecutive top 5 finishes at Pocono Mountain Speedway this year and continues to lead the points.

Saturday, July 14, 2001 - Pocono Mountain Speedway, Hazleton, PA

Eric started the Race in 14th, Jason and Adam elected to start in the rear. Within the first two laps Eric was up to eigth when a caution flew and then a car who was not the reason for the caution and was running in the front of the pack stopped on the front straight away. THis caused the entire field behind him to hit the brakes hard and scramble not to hit anyone. Unfortunately Eric was stopped and had avoided wrecking until someone from behind ran into the back of him. He blew out the right front tire and knocked the tow way out of whack. Eric came in and change the front tire but had no time to bring the tow back in. The race restarted with Eric in the rear. However this race was an extra 10 laps tonight which gave Eric the chance to go on the outside and make his way up to second finishing behind Russ Frantz. Great run for Jason and Adam to finish 5th and 6th.


Friday, July 6, 2001 - Lee Speedway, Lee, NH

What a day. The team left at 6:00 AM in the Morning from Northampton, PA. Due to some trailer troubles along the way the car did not arrive tot he track until 4:30 PM. Eric was able to get out on the track for 12 laps of practice before the power steering pump began to leak fluid. The team went to work and got that fixed and Eric went out and timed 18th fastest. During the race the car came to Eric and he began making his way to the front. At the end Eric was all over the second place finisher of Doug Messervey and settled for third. The took the podium finish and the trophy that they deserved for the finish and preserverence and arrived back home at 6:00 AM Saturday morning making for a successful 24 hour period.

Saturday, June 30, 2001 - Pocono Mountain Speedway, Hazleton, PA

Eric competed at Pocono Mountain Speedway on Saturday night in the same car that raced at Richmond the night before. The crew got home about 6:00 AM, slept a little and refit the car for the ¼ mile Hazleton oval. Eric finished third in his heat race before rain washed things out before the feature races could get under way.

Friday, June 29, 2001 - Richmond International Raceway, Richmond VA - NASCAR TOUR

Eric had to battle from a bad starting position, 27th out of 40, to put himself in position for a chance to win the NASCAR Featherlite Modified Tour Race at Richmond International Raceway on Friday night 29. Eric methodically picked off one car at a time to work his way up to the front. Before halfway Eric was running between 10th and 15th. With 14 laps to go Eric was up to 3rd and was beginning to make his move past the next car. The last thing the #19 needed was to see the caution because the top four cars had pulled themselves away from the group behind that had pitted later for tires. On the ensuing restart now that the cars were bunched together the cars behind Eric had fresh rubber and were able to get by him on the restart. This gave Eric a hard fought 8th place finish. Eric said after the race, "Was that Great or what. Driver Error caused us to start so far back, but 4 guys put in a lot of work and sweat and we put our own set up on the car and it worked great. Even at the end when the cars with fresh rubber were making their move around me I was running side by side for laps at a time on the outside. Great race and nice to see Tony win."

Saturday, June 23, 2001 - Pocono Mountain Speedway, Hazleton, PA

Despite a few rain, the entire racing program at Pocono Mountain Speedway was completed. In the headliner, Don Wagner led all laps, taking the checkered in the modified feature. At the drop of the green, Wagner grabbing the lead from the outside pole. Matt Hirshman followed along to claim 2nd, while pole sitter Jason Beers fell back to 3rd. Three cautions on the first three laps forced a single file restart. The field went on a 21 lap green flag run with Wagner and Hirshman still 1 and 2. Tim Henry took over 3rd, followed by Mike Adams and John Markovic who worked his way up from starting mid pack. It took a couple laps to complete, but on lap 8, Markovic got around Adams to take over 4th. Meanwhile, Eric Beers, who started outside of Markovic was working his way up through the field, settling behind Adams for 6th. With many area tracks canceling early because of rain, visiting Dave Pecko made his presence felt. Starting deep in the field, he made short order of cars in front of him, moving up behind Eric Beers by 13th circuit. Over the extended green, the main battle for position was between Henry and Markovic. Markovic tried both high and low, but just couldn't carry enough speed down the straight away to complete the pass. On lap 25, the two got together in turn 1, bringing out the yellow and sending them both to the tail of the field. This allowed Adams, Eric Beers, and Pecko to move up behind Wagner and Hirshman.

The field ran the remaining laps under green, with Wagner leading the way to the checkered. Matt Hirshman had his best run of the season, finishing 2nd. Eric Beers got around Adams for 3rd, while Adams settled for 4th. Pecko had an excellent finish for 5th.

Saturday, June 9, 2001 - Pocono Mountain Speedway, Hazleton, PA

Eric started out the evening by winning the third heat race for the Modifieds by putting an inside move on Cal Snyder. It was an exciting move because when Eric got under the 70 of Cal they touched sending Cal spinning to the outside and Eric to the inside to collect himself. As he was collecting himself he went through the infield throwing up so much dirt and dust you could not see but the Sunoco Race Fuels, Horwith Frieghtliner #19 emerged with the lead. Eric who is currently second in points at Pocono Mountain Speedway started the feature 13th. He did not stay there long. Slowly he made his way around the competitors in front of him. Inside moves in the beginning of the race and then as the car came in Eric was the only car passing on the outside. With 9 laps to go Eric was in second place. A caution on lap 25 bunched the field back together. They stayed that way until lap 29 when Eric was making his way to the outside groove to get around leader Cal Snyder. When the caution flew for an accident begin turns one and two Eric and Cal were going into turn three. The flagman threw the yellow AND THE WHITE FLAG. So instead of a green white checkered it was green checkered. Thus almost eliminating any chance for Eric to get around Snyder and taking away a chance for the fans to see a great finish. However Eric made it exciting as the top two came out of turn four Eric was inside Snyder up to his door and that is how they crossed the finish line giving Eric an exciting and hard fought second place finish.

Saturday, June 2, 2001 - Pocono Mountain Speedway, Hazleton, PA

Chuck Schartzer benefited from starting on the pole, staying in front of all the action and going flag-to-flag in the modified Larry Ward Memorial race at Pocono Mountain Speedway. Five cautions in the first 4 laps of the race sent a number of cars to the pits. Due to the number of cautions and the increasing humidity moving into the area which was partly the cause of the cautions, officials made a decision to halt the modified race and bring out Pro Stock Feature to get more rubber on the track. Following the Pro Stock feature, the modified feature was resumed at lap 4. The race stayed green all the way to the checkered, with Schartzer leading Hauser Jr, Snyder, Markovic, and Eric Beers to the line. Finishing a little back from the leaders, Chris Ammon finished 5th, while Matt Hirshman moved up through the field for 6th. Adam Horwith, Tim Henry, and Jason Beers rounded out the top 10.

MODIFIED LARRY WARD MEMORIAL (30 LAPS): CHUCK SCHARTZER, Jim Hauser Jr, Cal Snyder, John Markovic, Eric Beers, Chris Ammon, Matt Hirshman, Adam Horwith, Tim Henry, Jason Beers, Mike McManus, Mike Adams, Andy Szapacs, Mark Washko, Russ Frantz, C.J. Jones, Don Wagner, Doug Yanders

Sunday, May 20, 2001 - Nazareth Speedway - NASCAR TOUR 100 Lap Race

A great run today by the Sunoco Race Fuels, Horwith Frieghtliner, Brown Daub, Wynns Nascar Modified Driver Eric Beers. Eric started the 100 lap race in the 10th positon and was up to as high as fifth during the course of the race. After a mid point pit stop for tires, Eric came out and was just as fast. During the last 25 laps of the race Eric went to pass Mike Ewanitsko, who went on to win, and ended up brushing the outside of the turn two wall. Making a great save Eric battled a loose rear to bring the car home for a 12th place finish.

Saturday, May 19, 2001 - Mahoning Valley Speedway - Lehighton PA

Eric arrived at the Track just in time to compete in his heat race. Prior to his arrival the team was busy changing many things in the motor as some problems occurred in warm ups. Despite the heroic efforts of the crew the car was underpowered leaving Eric to finish in the 16th position.

Saturday, May 19, 2001 - Nazareth Speedway - NASCAR TOUR Qualifying

Eric took the #19 Horwith Racing, Sunoco Race Fuels, Horwith Freightliner, Wynns, Brown Daub Nascar Modified out on the track 20th and was immediately the third fastest qualifier with 27 more cars to go. After the rest of the field took time Eric will start the Service Electric 100 NASCAR Modified Tour Race in the 10th position. Immediatley after the final practice at Nazareth on Saturday afternoon the team headed to Mahoning Valley Speedway to race the Kocher Motorsports #12.

Sunday, May 13, 2001 - Pocono Mountain Speedway, Hazleton, PA - Race of Champions Qualifier





Andy Harpell, promoter of the Sunoco Race of Champions, was in victory lane to greet each division feature winner, awarding them a guaranteed starting spot in the 51st running of the event. A bunch of cautions early on in the modified feature at Pocono Mt Speedway, opened the door for Eric Beers to slice his way through the field, and by lap 10 found himself in the lead. Beers lead the remaining laps, earning a qualifying berth in the fall classic.

Adam Horwith sat on the pole, leading the early laps, with Chris Ammon challenging from 2nd. Andy Szapacs and Jim Hauser Jr were 3rd and 4th, while Beers got by to cars on the opening lap for 5th. Through the first couple laps, Ammon was all over Horwith, taking a peek on the inside and outside, to find a way to take the lead. Finally on lap 3, Ammon got a run on the inside of the leader coming out if 2, pulling even by the time they reached turn 3. At the line, Ammon had gained the advantage,
taking over the lead. Meanwhile, Beers was powering his way up through the field, picking off Szapacs, Hauser Jr, and then Horwith on successive laps, moving up to 2nd by lap 4. Lap 7, saw the first of 3 cautions in a 4 lap span, causing a scoring
nightmare. Through it all, Ammon held off the hard charging Beers. Szapacs regained 3rd, with Hauser Jr slipping back to 4th, and Tim Henry moving up to take 5th. After the restart on lap 10, Ammon still held the lead, with Beers looking for room to make the pass. On lap 11, Beers found that room, grabbing the lead. Through a couple of yellows at the mid-point of the race, Beers continued to lead the way, with Ammon, Szapacs, and Hauser Jr in spots 2-4. During a green flag run, John Markovic got by Henry to take over 5th.

The final caution of the race, fell on lap 27, when Hauser Jr spun on the back straight. Markovic moved up to 4th, while Horwith moved back into the top 5. The top 5 ran the final 3 laps unchanged. Beers captured his 2nd win, while Ammon posted his best result of the season in 2nd. Szapacs and Markovic took 3rd and 4th, while Horwith lost 5th after tech inspection,
handing over the position to Henry.

Saturday, May 12, 2001 - Mahoning Valley Speedway - Lehighton PA





Eric Beers Edges Anthony Sesely In Close Mahoning Run
By Dino Oberto
(Lehighton, PA 5-12-01) Northampton’s Eric Beers gave his mom, Dotty Beers, the perfect Mother’s Day gift any racer can give his mother and that was a victory Saturday night in the 25-lap Modified feature at Mahoning Valley Speedway. Beers, the 1992 track champion, really earned this one, as he had to fight off hard-charging Anthony Sesely for the win. Starting second in the field of twenty-one, Beers charged his way past pole sitter Bobby Jones for the opening lap lead in his Sunoco Race FuelsShir-Ray Inn #12. Moving quickly into second was Eric Kocher. With Beers and Kocher running one and two it looked like shades of opening night as the same pair raced each other in the same fierce fashion just two weeks prior. While Kocher kept chase with Beers he also had to hold off Jones as well as sixth place starter Sesely. A lap nine caution for a four car front straight tangle that included point leader Todd Stehle tightened the field behind Beers. As he held his lead on the restart he had hot on his trail Kocher as well as Sesely who had just grabbed third. While Beers raced at the front an outstanding side-by-side dual ensued between Kocher and Sesely. Sesely eventually got the upper hand by lap seventeen. After that he set his sights on Beers who had opened a nice lead but Sesely was coming on strong and by the final three laps was making a solid challenge for the lead. With the white flag about to come out Sesely was making a move to get past Beers, however, a caution flag negated his efforts when a six-pack of cars collided on the backstretch. The race came down to a final lap shootout as Sesely made a valiant effort to get by Beers but came up a half car length short. For Beers it marked his first Mahoning win of the season and seventeenth overall. “This feels great, especially after two really rough weeks. We led in the first race of the season but got tangled up racing for the win and then last week we had a problem with the car getting tight on us. This crew did a heck of job working all week long to get the car right and I thank them for that. “He (Sesely) was knocking on the back door and basically that’s what you come to expect here. This is what short-track racing is all about,” said Beers. “I was chasing the best in the business,” added Sesely. “Beers is a real tough man. The car felt awesome and that last caution really hurt us. I knew that if I would have pulled to the outside of him he would have run me clean and we’d have had one heck of a race had it not been for that yellow.” Matt Wentz raced into third spot with five laps to go and held on for his best run this year while Tony Eckhart and Jones completed the top five.

Sunday, May 6, 2001 - Pocono Mountain Speedway, Hazleton, PA

By virtue of starting on the pole, Mike Adams was able to stay in front of all the action, going wire-to-wire to take the modified feature at Pocono Mountain Speedway. As Adams was cruising down the back straight after taking the opening green, a fracas occurred mid-pack that sent a numbers of cars to the infield to avoid the incident. The right front of Dean Gulick wound up on top of the left front of Russ Frantz, as they slide down the front straight, and hard into the outside wall in turn 1. After taking a few moments to gather themselves, both drivers emerged from their cars unhurt. Frantz was able to continue, but Gulick was parked for the rest of the evening. Once back under the green, Adams led Andy Szapacs, Doug Yanders, Chuck Schartzer, Jim Hauser Jr. On lap 3, Hauser Jr slipped passed Schartzer, and on the next lap Cal Snyder got around Shartzer to take over 5th. A caution at lap 7, brought the field back together. On the restart, Adams and Szapacs stayed 1 and 2, while John Markovic had a great start, moving up to 3rd. Yanders and Snyder both slipped from the top 5, while Schartzer got by Hauser Jr to take over 4th. A trio of cautions at the mid-point of the race kept the clean-up crews and scorers really busy. Once the field exited the caution fest, Adams, Szapacs, and Markovic still held the top three spots. Eric Beers had a great restart, moving up 3 spots to take over 4th, while Schartzer slipped back to 5th.Another caution at lap 27, brought the field together for the last time, giving drivers another shot at moving up. The top 5 raced unchanged to the checkered, with Adams crossing the line first. Szapacs was 2nd, followed by Markovic, Beers, and Schartzer the top 5

POCONO MOUNTAIN PRAISES: A tip of the hat goes out to the pit crew of modified driver, Russ Frantz. After having a rub rail cut to remove the car from the outside wall and taking a double hook ride back to the pits, the crew for Frantz worked like a pack of wolves on the car during the extended caution. Amazingly, they got the car back together and out on the speedway before losing any laps. Frantz went on to finish 9th. Starting 16th on grid for the modified feature, Eric Beers had to dodge some bullets early on in the event. He did that successfully, and earns the hard charger of the race by improving 12 spots, and finishing 4th.

Saturday, May 5, 2001 - Mahoning Valley Speedway - Lehighton PA

Strohl shared front row honors. With the waving of Warren Alston’s race commencing green, Eckhart shot into the lead with Strohl, Stehle, Chip Santee and Eric Beers in tow. In a hotly paced contest the first eleven laps where reeled off caution free with Eckhart setting the torrid pace while fending off Strohl and Stehle who raced side-by-side. Strohl, who was running the outside line, was actually swapping two abreast racing with Eckhart and Stehle while Santee and Beers where having their own dogfight. On lap eleven the first of only three yellows waved when Strohl attempted to get past Eckhart in turn three. As he was making his move, contact occurred and Eckhart went spinning. However, as per track rules, if the leader gets spun out he can regain that spot provided he could continue on. That he did as Eckhart re-took his spot at the front of the field while Strohl checked into the pits before rejoining from the rear. Once more the intensity picked up as Eckhart had his hands full leading over Stehle, Santee, Beers and Bobby Jones. After a final caution on lap seventeen, Eckhart and Stehle got hooked up in an outstanding wheel-to-wheel contest. Stehle, who was making only his second start in a Modified after a stellar career in Late Models, used his former division style of racing the high groove and made it work with the mod as he was able to get a good bite topside giving Eckhart a run for his money. Eric held onto to finish 8th.



Eric tried to overcome mechanical problems as the the USAC car he was attempting to qualify had an oil leak in addition to trasnmission troubles. They fixed some but Eric Qualified 39th out of 40 in Time Trials and finished 12th in the Qualifying Race they ran on Saturday morning in which they took the top six.


Northampton, PA. . . . In a deal completed on Monday Night, April 30th, veteran Modified Driver, Eric Beers of Northampton, PA will compete in the Coors Light USAC Silver Bullet Racing Series Race at Nazareth Speedway on May 5 in conjunction with the CART Race at the famed Lehigh Valley One Mile Track. Eric will be competing in the Yellow #31 for the 3N1 Motorpsorts Team.
The weekend gets under way on Friday, May 4th with practice from 8:00 - 8:30 AM and 12noon - 1:00 PM followed by qualifying from 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM. The USAC Qualifying Race is Saturday Morning at 8:00 AM with the feature set to run following CART Qualifying at 3:15 PM.
It is ironic that Lehigh Valley Native, Eric Beers began his racing career at "Nazareth" when the dirt track was in existence. Eric has won track championships at Mahoning Valley Speedway and Pocono Mountain Speedway and has won features in many states and many series. This year's schedule has Eric running over 50 Modified Events for his own team Beers Motorpsorts as well as a driver for Kocher Motorsports and Horwith Racing. Additional information and statistics can be seen at, or or by calling the Beers Motorsports Marketing Department at 610-261-9510.

Saturday, April, 29, 2001 - Pocono Mountain Speedway

In the modified feature at Pocono Mountain Speedway, John Markovic worked his way up from deep in the field, grabbing the lead with a handful of alps remaining in the event, for his 2nd trip to victory lane in as many weeks. A 5 car malay in turns 3 and 4 on the opening lap, and another pair of yellows on lap 2, jumbled the field. Pole-sitter, Andy Szapacs held onto the lead through it all, with Mike McManus and Cal Snyder close behind. By lap 3, Eric Beers held 4th, with Markovic had moved up to 5th from his 10th starting spot on the grid. Over the next 6 green flag laps, the field ran pretty much nose-to-tail. On lap 5, Markovic moved to the outside groove, and was able to get a run on Beers down the back straight, taking over 4th by the time they reached the line. The next caution fell on lap 8, with Szapacs still leading the way, followed by McManus, Snyder, Markovic, and Beers. Once back under the green, they top 5 ran unchanged for the next 12 laps. On lap 20, Markovic again moved to the high side, in an attempt to grab positions. On lap 21, Markovic got by Snyder to grab 3rd. On the next lap he got the better of McManus to take over 2nd. Showing patience, it took another 2 laps to get around Szapacs to claim the lead. On lap 25, Snyder began smoking and headed into the pits for the afternoon. The final caution of the race fell on lap 27, with Markovic out in front. During the yellow, from 2nd place, Szapacs made a visit to the pits, and rejoined the rear of the field. McManus moved up into the 2nd spot, with Beers now in 3rd. Russ Frantz moved up to 4th, with Adam Horwith in 5th.Over the final laps, the field ran unchanged. Markovic took the checkered for the 2nd week in a row. McManus had his best run of the season so far, finishing 2nd, with Beers close behind in 3rd, followed by Frantz and Horwith rounding out the top .


Saturday, April, 28, 2001 - Mahoning Valley Speedway - Opening Day

Mahoning Valley Speedway’s opening night may have been a week late but it was well worth the wait as a full house of fans got treated to an action filled seven-division program of non-stop racing at the Lehighton paved oval. In the Modified event Tommy Farrell started from the pole with a new track qualifying record of 10.019 seconds and led the 24-car field to chief starter Warren Alston’s race commencing green. He quickly shot into the lead with heavy pressure coming from outside front-row starter Mike Carroll, Jr., and Eric Beers. Beers, who is a former Mahoning track champ, moved to the outside on lap two and in the process blasted his way past Carroll and Farrell to take the lead. While in front he was continually hounded by Carroll as well as a hard charging Eric Kocher. The trio battled tooth and nail while a host of others were breathing down their backs. Kocher had moved to second by lap six and was giving Beers a hand full to deal with. Several times he was able to pull alongside the leader and made frequent attempts to get past. Carroll in the meantime stayed in close proximity running under a blanket with the front pair. Ninth place starting Strohl was also the move as he entered into the top five just prior to lap ten and was quickly reeling in the front-runners. Beers and Kocher kept at their intense dogfight and on lap twelve Kocher was making an attempt to get around Beers. Under close-knit conditions, Beers got slightly loose and had to back off enough to hold up both he and Kocher. As he did Strohl, who had just picked up third from Carroll, went to the topside of the track and whizzed his way around the front two at the halfway sign. Eric held on to finishe eigth

Sunday, April 22, 2001 - Pocono Mountain Speedway, Hazleton, PA

John Markovic inherited the lead on an opening lap caution, and led flag-to-flag, for the victory in the modified feature at Pocono Mountain Speedway. Once the field got reset from the first lap caution, Markovic grabbed the lead from the pole. Cal Snyder took 2nd, with Jim Hauser Jr, Andy Szapacs, and Russ Frantz the early top 5. The warm temperatures made for a slippery track, which made passing extremely difficult. If the driver drove a perfect race, he was able to hold his position. If not, he opened the door for those behind him to move up. On lap 4, Szapacs made one of those mistakes through 1 & 2, pushing him up the track. That allowed Frantz and Chris Ammon to each move up into the 4th and 5th spots. A pair of yellows on lap 5 slowed the pace of the race. Once the field was back under the green, Markovic led the way, followed by Snyder, Hauser Jr, Frantz, and Ammon. The top 5 ran unchanged to the final caution of race on lap 10, when Adam Horwith and Tim Henry got together on the front straight away. Both drivers emerged OK, but unfortunately their cars didn't. Significant damage for both caused officials to bring out the red flag to allow the wrecker crews to safely remove the cars. Once back under the yellow, Ammon visited the pits and didn't return. That moved Eric Beers up into the 5th
spot. Over the final 20 green flag laps, the top 5 ran in a group together. During the extended run, there were quite a few attempts to under brake into turns 1 and 3, but no one was able the complete the pass. At the line, Markovic took the win, followed by Snyder, Hauser Jr, Frantz, and Beers in the top 5.


Sunday, April 8, 2001 - Pocono Mountain Speedway, Hazleton, PA - Opening Day

NASCAR Modified Driver Eric Beers capped off a great weekend by winning the Modified Opening Event in the Northeast at Pocono Mountain Speedway, Hazleton, PA on Sunday April 8th. The top two finishers in the event were Horwith Racing teammates as Adam Horwith finished second. Eric had won the pole position the previous week and redrew 5th to start the 30 lap feature.

From the Pocono MountainSPeedway Release: BEERS TAKES POCONO MOUNTAIN OPENER.

ST. JOHNS, PA.. . ..It took Eric Beers the first third of the race to get to the front, and there was no looking back, taking the Pocono Mountain Speedway's opening day Modified feature. A couple early yellows keep the field bunched together, and the pace of the race slow.  When they got by the cautions on laps 1 and 2, pole-sitter John Markovic and row 1 partner, Cal Snyder, ran side-by-side for the lead.  By lap 3, the front two now running of Markovic and Snyder were running nose-to-tail.  Defending modified champ, Russ Frantz got a great run coming out of turn 2, and was able to get underneath Snyder to take over the runnerup spot. Beers was next to move up on the rear bumper of Snyder and challenge for the 3rd position.  On the next lap, Beers powered by Snyder to take over 3rd. Over the next 2 laps, the top 4 of Markovic, Frantz, Beers, and Snyder ran unchanged, pulling away slightly from the rest of the field.  On the ninth circuit, Beers made a move to the inside of Frantz.  By the time they reached the start finish line, Beers had grabbed 2nd.  On the same lap, and a little further back in the pack, Adam Horwith found his way around Snyder for 4th. For 4 laps, Beers followed Markovic around the speedway, looking for the right opportunity to pass.  On lap 10, Beers got a great run out of turn 4, in a side-by-side drag race down the front straight.  By the time they exited turn 2, Beers had taken over the lead. The top 5 of Beers, Markovic, Frantz, Horwith, and Snyder ran unchanged to the next caution on lap 18.  Since the race was beyond the half way point, the restart was single file, and there were no changes in the top 5.  The next caution fell on lap 26, with the top 5 staying the same. When the green was out once again, Horwith got a jump on Frantz, and was able to gain the 3rd spot.  Frantz came back tough, trying to re-gain the position.  He pushed a little too hard though, losing it in turn 3, and bringing out the final caution of the race on lap 29. On the restart, Beers pulled far enough from the battles for position behind him, and went on to take the checkered.  Horwith, proving to be great on the restart, taking 2nd from Markovic, who settled for 3rd, with Snyder taking 4th, Jason Trinchere, Jim Hauser Jr, Mike Adams, Chris Ammon, and Mike McManus completed the top 10.

Saturday, April 7, 2001 - Mahoning Valley Speedway - Qualifying Day

Eric took time in the Kocher Motorsports #12 and set 3rd fastest time to start third at Mahoning on April 21st. Actually Eric and 2nd faster timer Mike Carrol had the same fastest time but Mike's first lap was faster than Eric's.

Sunday, April 1, 2001 - Pocono Mountain Speedway, Hazleton, PA

Eric took the freshly painted Blue #19 Horwith Racing NASCAR Modified into victory Lane for Pictures on Qualifying Day as he set fastest time. Russ Frantz finished a close second and Adam running the sixth fastest lap. Eric will pick a number between 2 and 6 and the field will be inverted from that point for the Opening Day races on Sunday, April 8th at 2:00 P.M.

Saturday, February 17, 2001 - New Smyrna Speedway, New Smyrna, FL

Last night, no spectacular, Eric takes the #9 Wynn's, Horwith Freightliner, Brown Daub, Sunoco Race Fuels NASCAR Modified home for a 6th place finish. The team packs up and head home to prepare for the 2001 season.

Friday, February 16, 2001 - 100 Laps - New Smyrna Speedway, New Smyrna, FL

Tonight was the 100 lap race and expectations were high as the car was fast in spite of working all day on fixing the rack and the spings in the motor. Things were going according to plan until Eric was up to about 8th and passing cars on the outside when an inside car came up and hit the # 9 knocking the tow out of wack. They fixed that and then Eric broke a spindle in the weirdest spots, not on the weld but in the middle. Thats racing and it relgated Eric to a 28th finishing position.

Thursday, February 15, 2001 - New Smyrna Speedway, New Smyrna, FL

The guys worked hard today to get the car back in working condition. Eric started the race 3rd and finished 7th after loosing his power steering .

Wednesday, February 14, 2001 - 50 Laps - New Smyrna Speedway, New Smyrna, FL

Tonight was the 50 Lap Feature for the Modifieds and again there was some serious wrecking of cars, both intentional and unintentional. On more than one oasion the leader or top five contender was taken out. This caused tempers to flare and it looked like a scene out of the WWF in the pits after the races. Unfortunately Eric got caught up in one of the wrecks. Cars spun in front of him. He made the move to avoid it and would have made it through if he was not hit from behind then had a car hit his left front and fly over the hood of his car. Tonight was a 24th place finish. Due to personal commitments Adam was not able to make the race tonight and the replacement driver was to take one lap and pull off. He never made a lap and left the #94 in need of many repairs that the team will make and have it ready for the 2001 season.

Tuesday, February 13, 2001 - New Smyrna Speedway, New Smyrna, FL

Does anyone remember the Fog Bowl. It was so foggy that one could not see from turn 4 over to turn 1. The race was called on lap 16 of 25 with Eric in the third position. If this race was able to be run tonight Eric had a good chance of winning as he had the car hooked up tonight but was cut short by the weather.

Monday, February 12, 2000 - New Smyrna Speedway, New Smyrna, FL

The fog rolled in and it was difficult to see what was happening out on the track. No major crashes or anything of merit that really happened. Eric finished 6th.

Sunday, February 11, 2001 - New Smyrna Speedway, New Smyrna, FL

Eric Timed Third picking up 3/10 th of a second from the night before. Keith picked Number one and Eric Started on the pole followed by Hanley, Summers, Pasteryak, Toamino, Bock and TC. Eric Lead the field to the green and led the first lap when he realized that the tire set up was not exactly right. JR Hanley took the lead and held it for 15 laps when Robbie Summers took over and held on from lap 17 to the end to complete three different winners in the first three nights of racing. Summers was followed by TC, Hanley C. Pasteryak, Jamie Tomaino, Nevin George, George Kent, and Eric Beers.

Saturday, February 10, 2001 - New Smyrna Speedway, New Smyrna, FL

Robbie Summers had fast time with a 17.56. The starting line up had Nevin George on the pole followed by Jim Willis, Jamie Tomaino, George Bock, Robbie Summers, C. Pasteryak, Hanley, Eric Beers, TC, and Mike McManus. It was a great race until lap 5 when someone got into the back of Jim Willis and sent him hard into the fourth turn wall very hard. Parts of the front of the car were in the back of the car and vise versa. The race resumed with Nevin George on the point and TC right behind him. They were putting on a show until Lap 12 when a lapped car spun and got in the way and took out Nevin George and Hanley putting Eric up to 4th. Robbie Summers dropped out and the finish had TC winning followed by George Kent, Eric Beers Jamie Tomaino, Bobby G. and Mike Mc Manus.

Friday, February 9, 2001 - New Smyrna Speedway, New Smyrna, FL

First night at New Smyrna was the normal crash fest as it seemed everybody was bringing like it was the last race of the year instead of the first race of the first night. Thirty three cars started and by half way there was about 20 left. The starting lineup saw Jim Willis on the pole, Charlie Pasteryak, Nevin George, Jamie TOmaino, George Bock Robbie Summers, JR Hanley, Eric Beers, Ted Christopher and Mike McManus. Jim Willis ran a strong race to hold off Ted C., Jamie Tomaino, George Kent and Eric Beers for the win. Eric Started 8th and ran a good smart race to work up to fifth andbring the car home in one piece.


What a great night of fun, dancing and a good time had by all. Over 150 people enjoyed the night at the Northampton Liederkrantz. The night began with dinner and was followed by an award ceremony recognizing all the people who helped make a 13 win season possible for Eric Beers and the Beers Motorsports, Horwith Racing and Kocher Motorsports Race Teams. Plans are already in the works to make the 2002 Beers Motorsports Racing Party even bigger and better. A great crowd of fans, crew, family, press and other dignitaries then danced the night away or sat around and talked RACIN !

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