Upcoming Events

The 2003 season will kick off with the annual Beers Racing Party. The party is set to be held again at the Garfield Hotel, Main Street, Northampton PA. The date is Saturday night, January 25. It is a night of great food, dancing, music, racing stories, door prizes, and other games with a chance to win some fabulous prizes. Everyone is guaranteed to have a good time. For tickets, directions or hotel rooms please do not hesitate to call me at 610-261-9468. Bring the kids, let them enjoy the comradery and family atmosphere that Beers Motorsports brings to the Sport. YOU DONíT WANT TO MISS THIS GREAT NIGHT.

If anyone needs additional information on the party or has product information or brochures they would like to distribute to the 200 plus attendees of the Racing Party please feel free to contact me at 610-261-9468 or email me at beersmotorsports@rcn.com. If you are unable to attend the party we hope to see you at the races and keep up to date on the racing through Beers Motorsports Website at www.beersmotorsports.com. We are working on having some video clips of the 2003 races available on the Web this year.

The 2002 season is over and I am anxiously awaiting the 2003 season. We are looking to run a combination of NASCAR Modified Tour Races and the Sunoco Race of Champions Modified Series.

The 2002 season was unpredictable to say the least. We started off the season with two wins and a second place points finish at New Smyrna. From there it seemed lady luck was not with us. One factor to throw into the equation was the fact that we were running for the Rookie of the Year Honors on the NASCAR Modified Tour. Half the tracks we went to in 2002 the team had never even seen before. In addition to the new tracks, never in one season had we had so many mechanical difficulties. During a long season you expect things to happen and you work hard to prevent them, but we had some real strange ones. For example, muffler falling off at Martinsville while running third, Distributer wire falls off at Chemung while running fifth, bad right front tire at Stafford while running 6th, Rocker arm at Nazareth, rear end breaks in warmups at Thompson, engine blows at Thompson plus several others I would like to forget. Despite the finishes the team held together and we garnered a couple victories at Mountain Speedway, Mahoning Valley Speedway and at Adirondack Speedway on the Sunoco Race of Champions Tour and we were within 9 laps of winning the Grand Daddy of them all - the Sunoco Race of Champions.

I would like to Thank everyone that helps year in and year out. There are so many people to thank: my wife Cherie(who happens to be expecting our newest crew member in April), my daughter Kailyn, my family, the crew, car owner Adam Horwith, Sponsors: Sunoco Race Fuels, Horwith Freightliner, Dale Beers Siding, Dot Beers Florist, Lehigh Valley Plastics, Wynn's - K-CEE Distributing, Brown Daub Dealerships, Classic Cleaners, Koehler Brother Collision Center, RPM Racing Engines, Pro Shocks, and Troyer Engineering.

November 3 - Mountain Speedway - Open Tire Race - Modified - 2nd
Eric and the Horwith Racing Team started in 7th and worked hard to get up to second with 10 to go. Eric gave it all he had to get buy Matt Hirshman but needed just two more laps to come in second place.

November 3rd - Mountain Speedway - Late model - 2nd
For the first time in over a decade Eric climbed into a full fendered car and more than held his own. By lap 5 Eric was in second and as he and the leader lapped the field the race went green and Eric finished a respectable second place.

October 26-27 - Thompson Speedway - NASCAR MODIFIED TOUR
The team had the Horwith Racing #36 Sunoco Race Fuels NASCAR Modified ready to roll for the World Series of Racing. It rained all day Saturday canceling any practice. When practice did come on Sunday Eric got 4 laps in when the rear broke. The crew did an outstanding job to get Eric ready for qualifying but Eric came up just one spot short of qualifying.

October 19 - Mahoning Speedway - RUN WHAT YOU BRUNG- 1st
Eric and the Horwith Racing Sunoco Racing #19 put the Sprint Car wing on top and went out and dominated the race to win his second in a row at this fun and exciting race

October 18 - Martinsville Speedway - NASCAR MODIFIED TOUR - 30th
Eric and the Horwith Racing #36 NASCAR Sunoco Race Fuels Modified ventured to Martinsville and timed 14th Fastest. Eric was running in the third position when the muffler fell off and left the team down in Power. Eric parked it and finished 30th.

October 5-6 - Tioga Speedway - CHAMPIONS CHALLENGE - Small Block 50 Lap and NASCAR Modified 100 Lap Races
Eric Beers and the Horwith Racing Sunoco Race Fuels #19 NASCAR Modified and Small Block Modified Traveled to Tioga Speedway, Binghampton, NY for the Champions Challenge Weekend.
On Saturday October 5, Eric won his Small Block Modified Heat and then won the NASCAR Modified Heat as well. The drivers redrew for position on Sunday. Eric started the Small Block race 7th and the Nascar Modified Race 12th.
Eric was in the lead by lap 17 in the 50 Lap Small Block Modified Race. Eric did a great job of maneuvering through traffic as only Eric and the 2nd and 3rd place finishers were left on the lead lap. Eric led laps 18 - 50.
As victory lane ceremonies Eric was in the #19 Horwith Racing Sunoco Race Fuels #19 NASCAR Modified. Eric started 12th and held onto that a top ten position for the first 25 laps. Then he hooked up and avoided an accident to get into 2nd place. On lap 56 Eric Pitted for Sunoco Race Fuel and right side Tires. Eric was working his way through the field on the outside when a competitor came up into Eric and sent Eric just a little airborne. Eric made a great save but the car was not exactly the same. Through sheer determination and some good moves Eric finished the race 3rd

September 28-29 - Stafford Speedway - NASCAR TOUR
- 11th
Eric Beers and the Horwith Racing Sunoco Race Fuels #36 NASCAR Modified Traveled to Stafford Springs CT for the NASCAR MODIFIED FEATHERLITE MODIFIED TOUR Fall Final at Stafford Speedway. On Saturday Eric qualified 26th out of the 32 starting positions. The car was set up for the long run of 150 laps on Sunday.
Eric ran a good race to stay out of trouble and miss the accident in front of him. Good pit strategy and smart driving had Eric finish 11th.

September 22 - Mountain Speedway - 4th
Eric and the team took the car that finished 4th in the RoC Small Block race and brought the car home in 4th tonight

September 20 & 21 - SUNOCO Race of ChampionsEric Beers comes within 10 laps of winning the Race of Champions -13th

The 52 annual Sunoco Race of Champions was held September 21-22, 2002 at Oswego Speedway, Oswego, NY. Over 65 Modified Cars were entered for the 46 car starting Lineup, 200 lap Race. This is the race with the most prestige in addition to the biggest payoff of the year and Tony Stewart was scheduled to race as well. Due to the fact that Tony
Stewart was 3rd in Winston Cup points Joe Gibbs grounded Tony from any outside races, so Ken Schrader took over the #20 Orange and Black Modified. Tony Stewart was relegated to be a spotter for Ken Schrader.

Eric qualified the #19 Horwith Racing, Sunoco Race Fuels, Wynn's Modified to a 3rd place finish in the 3rd of 8 Qualifying races and started the Roc in 15th. From the beginning of the race Eric was fast and was picking the cars off one at a time. Many of the front runners by halfway had used the numerous cautions to come in for tires moving Eric up to 3rd by lap 140. On lap 142 a perfectly timed yellow came out and Eric brought the car to the attention of the crew who changed all four tires. Eric was relegated to restart 19th with about 50 to go. From there he was the fastest car on the track with the freshest tires and by lap 180 was in second place behind Chuck Hossfield (last weeks winner of the Mod race at New Hampshire). Eric and Chuck battled side by side with Eric on the outside until a caution flew. On the lap 191 restart Eric got the inside position and when they reached the crux of the first turn - Eric and Chuck were wheel to wheel when they touched and Chuck was sent spinning. Eric looped it around and kept going remaining in the lead with the $10,000 plus winners share on the line. Track Officials made a call that Eric was rough riding and was being placed in the rear of the field. The crowd went nuts. The individual scorers in the scoring section went crazy. The crew members were astonished - as the incident happened right in front of them and it looked like Eric had made a clean pass. Eric was ten laps away from the biggest win of his career. After the races were over Eric was bombarded by fans telling him he was robbed. But that's Racing.

In the Small Block Modified Race of Champions 50 lap Race Eric Started 2nd in the Sunoco Race Fuels Horwith Freightliner, 3H Homes #19. Eric led the first three laps and then held onto 2nd until the lap when the car tightened up allowing 2 car by to finish 4th.

September 14 - Chemung Speedway - Sunoco Roc Tour Race - 22nd
Eric and the Horwith Racing - Sunoco Race Fuels #19 took the ride to CHemung for the Race of Champions Tour Event. Eric started the race in 9th and was passing for 5th place on lap 40 when the coil wire grounded out ending the teams chances for a great run tonight.

September 12 - Lehigh Township Fair
Eric , the #19 Sunoco Race Fuels Horwith Racing Modified and Team made an appearance at the Lehigh Township Fair. Many kids sat in the car and fans got a chance for an autograph and the new design Eric Beers Horwith Racing Sticker/Decal.

September 7-8 - THompson Speedway - NASCAR TOUR - 26th

If it wasn't for bad luck he would not have any luck at all. After blowing the motor at Stafford Eric and Adam found a motor put it in Thursday night and Friday afternoon and left for Thompson. They had problems with the engine from the get go. A broken rocker arm plus they took off the oil pan removed the transmission plus many other pieces trying to find a solution to the problem. Many THANKS are required to everyone at Thompson for helping Eric and the team find all the pieces. Eric was mot able to take time but made the race on his points and started 38th. The car actually was running well and Eric was up to 13th on lap 212 when the Engine let go finishing Eric for the race and relegating him to a 26th place finish.

September 1 - Wyoming County - Sunoco Race of Champions Tour - 3rd
Eric and the crew of Glenn, Earl, Moose, Howie, Keith, Muff, Bobby Jones and many others took the long five hour journey to lovely Perry, NY to Wyoming County Speedway for the Sunoco Race of Champions Tour Race. Eric started the race in 6th place and finished a solid third in the Sunoco Race Fuels Horwith Racing #19 Modified. A competitive field of 24 modified were on hand.

August 31 - Mountain Speedway - 4th
Typical Mountain Speedway Racing. Car that started on the pole and outside pole finished 1st and second. Eric started 9th in the Sunoco Race Fuels Horwith Racing #19. He made some great moves to get up to the 4th spot and was obviously the fastest car on the track. However, there is no outside groove to pass on at Mountain Speedway with the current tires when you are racing hard against another competitor. Why risk wrecking the car. Eric tries for over 15 laps to get the car to go to the outside but he could not make it stick. Everytime he went inside the 3rd place car would come down into the groove. Eric held onto a 3rd place finish.

August 23 - Stafford Speedway _ NASCAR TOUR
- 25th
The Horwith Racing Sunoco Race Fuels #36 did well to qualify in 20th with over 45 cars on hand to qualify for the 28 spots. Eric started well and was running 15th when the power steering went out. Eric lost a few spots until he adjusted driving without the aid of power steering. That was lap 10. Eric was up to about 14th on lap 33 when Eric felt a strange vibration in the gas pedal and immediately turned off the power. As it turns out a piston rod broke and the team was finished for the night.

August 15 -Thompson Speedway - NASCAR TOUR - 31st ē August 17 -Mountain Speedway - NASCAR TOUR - 3rd
Eric and the Start Finish Production #36 Sunoco Race Fuels Modified Time Trialed 17th and made adjustment to make the car even better in the race. Eric was well on his way to a great finish and was up to tenth when he shifted into gear and the transmission let loose. What was so disappointing is the Sunoco Race Fuels #36 was ahead of all other Rookie contenders and was ready to have a finish to put him into the top 20 in points. But that's racing.
Eric and the Horwith Racing #19 Sunoco Race Fuels Modified went to its hometrack at Mountain Speedway and finished well in the heat and started 15th in the feature. The first 9 laps saw 7 cautions slowing the race down just a bit. Eric again was the only car to pass on the outside and was up to 4th with 5 to go when he made the move into third. From there Eric ran out of laps to get to the top two cars that had pulled away. Eric had a third place finish and might be the first car in several weeks to finish in the top five that did not start in the top 10 positions

August 10 - Chemung Speedrome - 20th
Eric and the team went to Chemung for the big paying 100 lap event. Again it was the first time that Eric and crew had seen the track. Eric finished third in his heat and redrew the 8th starting position. When the race started Eric was fast and was up to 4th when he was run into by JR Kent. The car was never the same after that and Eric had to go to the back to start the next restart. To add insult to injury on lap 65 Eric had the right front blow out making him kiss the 4th turn wall just enough to bend the tie rod and break the strut, sending Eric and the car to the showers for and early night.

August 3 - Riverhead Raceway - NASCAR TOUR
Eric went out to qualify the Sunoco Race Fuels Horwith Racing #36 in the first of three groups of 15 cars. Of that first group only 2 qualified. The track got cooler over the next 35 minutes and times picked up by 3/10 of a second from start to finish.

July 27th - Mountain Speedway - 7th
Same story not so different result. Eric started in the back and made his way up to 4th and when the caution came out they put him back to 6th. This put Eric on the outside row and the car in front of Eric did not go on the start and that row went all the way to the back putting Eric in 11th before he could get around the car in front of him that had problems. American racing tires are not the right tire for this track and makes it difficult to pass. However Eric was the only car passing in the entire field except for winner Matt H would made his pass on the green flag lap to go from 3rd to first and thats where the field stayed.

July 20th - Mountain Speedway - 9th
The team left New Hampshire and immediately to Mountain Speedway where the winner there again and not surprisingly was the pole sitter and led from green to checker. Eric finished 9th and commented how different the tires are from the Hoosiers he used Saturday morning at NH to the American Racing tires they use at Mountain Speedway.

July 19th -New Hampshire - NASCAR TOUR
- 12th
Driver Eric Beers went to New Hampshire Speedway for the first time and accomplished a 12th place finish in the Horwith Racing, Sunoco Race Fuels #36 NASCAR Modified. Eric time trialed 11th best on Thursday.

Eric started the race in 12 and was up to 9th when the race was red flagged for rain on Friday. The race was restarted at 8:05 AM Saturday Morning. When the first Yellow flew once action was resumed some of the leaders pitted and Eric did not. He was running as high as 3rd when a car on the inside of him going into three that he was passing come up high and almost put it into the wall. Eric got the car back straight but lost many positions. Eric not experienced with the New Hampshire draft did well to register a 12th place finish and hold onto second place in the NASCAR Modified Rookie Points.

Eric enjoyed his race at New Hampshire, commenting after the race "This is a great facility and a fast place to run. I learned a lot today, such as where I should be more aggressive and use the draft to my advantage. We are already better prepared for the trip back here in September."

July 13th - Beech Ridge - NASCAR TOUR
The night started off great as Eric qualified the Start Finish Motorsports, Sunoco Race Fuels #36 5th fastest with a 14.881 and redrew 6th starting position. On lap 13 Eric and Charlie Pasteryak got together sending Eric spinning and Charlie able to not lose a spot. Eric recovered and was running in the 11th position when he had to come into the pits for an adjustment and ended up finishing 26th - two laps down.

July 7th - Adirondack Speedway - Sunoco Roc Tour - WIN
Glenn, Howie, Earl will meet up with Eric, Kevin, Heavy, and Chad on Saturday to shake down the Horwith Racing Sunoco Race Fuels #19 in anticipation of the Sunday Roc Event. Eric started the event in 10th and made his way up to 5th when the team decided to pit for tires under caution. Eric came out in the back and slowly picked his way through the pack. At one point while "The Duke" and TC were battling Eric made a move to spilt the two of them as they were bumping which put him towards the front. From there Eric made his way to the front and put the Horwith Racing Sunoco Race Fuels #19 in Victory lane and gave Eric a guaranteed starting position in the Sunoco Race of Champions.

July 5th Lee Speedway - Open Comp Modified -16th
Eric started out the race in the Start Finish Productions Sunoco Race Fuels #36 with a chance for the win. With one lap to go Eric was on the bottom fighting a car with no brakes and then was spun out by his old friend Jamie Tomaino relegating the teams efforts to a middle of the pack 16th place finish.

July 3rd- Stafford Speedway - FEATHERLITE MODIFIED TOUR - 15th
Eric started out the race in the Start Finish Productions Sunoco Race Fuels #36 in fine fashion getting up to 16th place over the first 22 laps and then made a great move under a crash to move into 7th. He ran there for a while until pit stops. The crew had a tough stop with the jack not going up high enough and then Chad had a socket get stuck. and then the tire that they put on the right front was junk and all the rubber fell off after ten laps making it look like Eric was going to hit the wall in every turn. They made another pit stop and Eric came out flying to finish 2 laps down

June 29 - Mountain Speedway - Hazleton PA - 7th
Mountain Speedway now scores with the electronic Timing and Scoring - In Eric's Heat he started 8th and kept working his way up to about 4th. The official kept putting him back to about 7th. No one could understand why until after the heat when the scorers realized that they had switched Eric transponder with someone elses. In the Feature Eric looked to good on the outside until a spin in front of him put the tow out and gave him a
leaky left front. Eric held on to finish 7th.

June 28 - Richmond International Raceway - Richmond VA - FEATHERLITE MODIFIED TOUR - 22nd
The week started out bad with the motor not being ready for Richmond. So Eric had to drive 8 hours on Wednesday night to borrow a motor and then go to work Thursday then come come and put the motor in before leaving for Richmond. That all worked out pretty good and the motor sounded good until the 4th lap of practice when something was wrong. It took a while but they found the distributor was not wired right. So they fixed that and Eric took one lap of time that had him relegated to 39th starting. Because of that the leaders were on him and he was a lap down. He went on to finish two laps down in 22nd.

June 23 -Tioga Speedway- Sunoco Race Of Champions MODIFIED TOUR - 9th
Eric was in the top five n practice all morning and the team was excited about the possibilities on this day. Well that changed in a hurry. In the heat race Eric was flying he was on a mission. That was until somebody spun on the inside of Eric as Eric was on the outside and went over the front of the race ripping everything out of the suspension and breaking the rack. The team worked for 2 hours before the start of the consi where Eric Started 21 and finished 4th. In the feature Eric started 24th and worked the outside to finish 9th picking up the hard charger award and several Hoosier Tires for the next race At Adirondack Speedway.

June 22 - Seekonk Speedway - Seekonk MA - FEATHERLITE MODIFIED TOUR- 13th
Eric took the Ben Dodge Sylvester Construction/ Start Finish Productions #36 out for time trials early and held the 4th fastest spot until rain came and delayed Time Trial. When the next set of cars went on the track they were much faster then the first set of cars with the rain. Eric ran a smooth smart race to stay out of trouble and finish 13th. The crew next drove to Owego, NY to stay over to get ready for the Sunoco Roc Tioga Event. Best wishes to friend Tony Hirschman who will have surgery on his wrist after breaking it in an accident at Seekonk.

The team was set for a busy weekend. Saturday night at Mountain Speedway and Sunday at Tioga for the Sunoco Race of Champions Tour. Mother nature took over and saved the cars for the next week. Saturday at Seekonk in the Start-Finsh Motorsports #36 for the NASCAR Modified Featherlite Modified Tour and then Sunday in the Horwith Racing Modified for the Sunoco Roc Tour.

June 8 - Riverhead Raceway- FEATHERLITE MODIFIED TOUR
- 9th
Fifty one cars were on hand to take time at the tough little track of Riverhead Raceway. Eric with no provisional to fall back on qualified in the last spot by time in the 23rd spot. Within the first 20 laps Eric hooked up on the outside and and was on his way to the front - moving up to the 8th position. A tangle in front of Eric saw him hit the back of the The Bear #14 of Robbie Summers knocking the tow out about three inches. This put Eric at a disadvantage but the car was amazingly still fast as Eric held on to finish 9th and was the top Rookie of the Race and was awarded the Butler Built Rookie of the Race Award.

Eric qualified 5th in his heat race and started the race in 19th. Through attrition Eric made his way up to ninth and held onto that spot. During the 100 lap race only two cars passed Eric - Ken Wooley - who clearly had the fastest car on the track and Wall Stadium track champion Jimmy Blewett who was shortly after black flagged for a smoking tire. Doug Wolcott started on the pole and led from green to checker. The track is touch to pass on so not a bad first race for Eric at Wall

June 1
- Mountain Speedway - HAZLETON PA - Eric Wins
Eric got to the track late as the crew was changing motors in the #19 getting ready for the Sunday Roc Show at Wall. Eric started last in his heat and finished 3rd. Eric started the race in 5th and after two laps was in the lead and from there he never looked back. Eric was a half a track ahead of his closest competitor at times. This was Eric's third win of the season and his first of the year at Mountain Speedway.

May 31 - Stafford Speedway - FEATHERLITE MODIFIED TOUR
- Qualify 24th RACE POSTPONED for 2nd time UNTIL July 3

May 25 - Mountain Speedway - HAZLETON PA
- 2nd Place
Eric was in the wheel of the #19 Sunoco Race Fuels, Brown Daub, Horwith Frieghtliner #19 for the Modified Show and in the seat of a slingshot. Eric was a last minute replacement as "Celebrity" Driver. Eric won one heat finished second and third. In the feature Eric finished 4th. A respectable showing for the first time in Ronnie Tobias Slingshot. In the Modified Show Eric and Russ Frantz pulled away from the field to give Team Owner Adam Horwith a one - two finish.

May 24 - Stafford Speedway - FEATHERLITE MODIFIED TOUR - Qualify 24th RACE POSTPONED UNTIL MAY 31
Eric, Glenn and Earl left for Stafford late Thursday night and spent all Friday getting the #36 Start Finish TAS Country Homes, Sunoco Race Fuels NASCAR Modified ready for the race. It paid off. Eric qualified 24th. They took the top 26 in points and 5 provisional. Sending alot of good cars home. The track had rain - dried out and was getting ready to start the features when the rain moved back in. The race will be held Friday , May 31.

May 18-19 - Nazareth Speedway - FEATHERLITE MODIFIED TOUR - Eric Finishes 29th
What a wacky weekend. The crew got the #36 Horwith Racing Sunoco Race Fuels, Brown Daub Dealer, HorwithTrucking Modified and hauler at the track on a beautiful Sunny Friday Afternoon. Come Saturday morning it was 38 degrees and Mother Nature Dumped inch and a half of rain. NASCAR canceled qualifying, leaving the lineup to the points. Eric started 35th out of 40. In practice was 5th fastest in the 1st practice and 10th fastest overall. Come race time time Eric was up as far as 12th when he made his pit stop. He wanted a little bite but the car was a little looser. Then the fitting that holds the rear up on the on the left rear - bent under pressure and made the car hop like mad, making Eric come in two laps early and a 29th place finish. Before the hop Eric was holding onto a top twenty finish.

May 12 - Mountain Speedway - HAZLETON PA

May 5 - Mountain Speedway -
Tough day for the Horwith Racing, Brown Daub, Sunoco Race Fuels #19. Eric was on his way to the front in the first event when he was hit from behind and pushed into several cars, breaking the rack and ending his chances in the first of two events to be run Giving him a 19th place finish. During the second event Eric was behind the 2nd place car after starting 7th - He was following him when the 2nd place car got loose and checked up a little and the 4th place car hit Eric who in turn hit the 2nd place car causing him to spin. The track officials deemed that Eric hit the 2nd place car intentionally and sent him to the rear for causing a spin. Eric has been racing too long too clean to get involved in a situation like that, relegating Eric to a 20th place finish.

April 28 - Mountain Speedway - EVENT WAS RAINED OUT AFTER HEATS. Eric finished 4th in his heat

April 27 & 28 - Stafford Speedway -
Eric qualified 28th in the Start Finish Ben Dodge TAS Country Homes, Sunoco Race Fuels #36, but they took the top 25 giving Eric his first DNQ in many years. It was a battle with the brakes. First they would bind too much then not enough so when Eric went out to qualify he could not get into the corner as well as he would have liked.

April 21 - Mountain Speedway- EVENT WAS RAINED OUT

Mountain Speedway - April 14 - 2nd Place
Eric was in the the Horwith Racing, RPM Engine, Sunoco Race Fuels, Brown Daub, Classic Cleaners, JR Embroidery, Horwith Freightliner #19 for the opening event of the 2002 Mountain Speedway Season. One where Eric enters as the defending Modified Champion. Time Trials were run the week prior, setting the top 15 in the field. Eric and Adam Horwith showed up and because there were only 4 additional cars, no consi was run and they were slated to start 18th and 19th. Eric stayed out of trouble and picked his way through the field as he was the only car to work the outside groove. Eric made his way up to second and ran out of laps and tires as he was hounding eventual winner Don Wagner. A good race that left the team anticipating next week as they know what changes they will make to make the #19 even faster.

Thompson Speedway - NASCAR Modified Tour - April 6&7 - 18th Place
Eric was in the the Dodge-Sylvester Motorsports, TAS Homes, Billy the Kid, Sunoco Race Fuels #36 for the opening event of the 2002 NASCAR Featherlite Modified Tour. Eric by the luck of the draw picked the pole - no not that pole - but the first position in Time Trials. Eric ran a lap that ended up being 20th fastest of 50 cars. Ironically on this cold Saturday afternoon the last five that went out for time ended up in he top ten in time - showing that the track got better as the afternoon sun warmed up the track. Come Happy Hour Eric and the crew were greatly anticipating the Race as Eric had one of the fastest cars. This was not the case come race time. The car started out really loose and the radios were not working right so as Eric tried to radio how to change the car the communication was not clear. So after a early race incident where Eric was stopped and was hit from behind he lost a lap. After Eric came in the car got really tight. But Eric held on and was the 2nd best rookie to finish the race in the 18th spot. It was disheartening because the car so so good in Happy Hour.


Saturday, February, 16 - Eric Starts 3rd - Finishes 3rd
Eric started the racet onight in third and that was where he finished. Eric sat back in third and watched the George Kent and Ted Christopher show. George was strong and every time they went in the turn Ted C would whack the back of his car. On one restart George started going into to turn three. It seemed to catch Christopher a little by surprise. Eric was under Teddy going into 4 but Teddy came down so far on Eric that Eric hit the rumble strips and had to drive through the grass to get back on the track. After that Eric decade that it was not worth wrecking the car and bring it home form Florida without a scratch.

Friday, February, 15 - Eric Starts 4th - Finishes a close 3rd
Eric time trialed fastest and redrew to start the 100 lap race in 4th. Eric ran in fourth for the first two laps when the caution flag flew. On the ensuing restart Eric got past the 00 of Blewett III for the third spot behind Jerry Marquis and Rob Summers. Summers got past Marquis on lap 19. Another caution on lap 26 bunched the field together and they ran from lap 32 through to lap 67 when the last caution flew. Summers and Marquis pitted for tires leaving Eric in the lead followed by Blewett and Tomaino (who had pitted earlier). Over the next ten laps Eric held off Blewett and Tomaino with Summers back up to the top 5. By lap 93 Pasteryak was 2nd and Summers third. On lap 97 Eric was coming out of 4 when a car came up the track and Eric hit him square in the rear. Eric lost some momentum and by the time the top three cars were between Turns 1 and 2 Eric was in 3rd place. It was a wonderful race that if he not lost that little bit of momentum he might have been able to drive his was to the 100 lap feature win without changing tires.

Thursday, February, 14 - Eric Starts 5th - Finishes 2nd
Eric time trialed in the 7th position and redrew to start 5th. For the first lap Eric stayed in 5th and on lap 2 past Bertuccio for 4th. Eric stayed in 4th for the next 10 laps ran in 4th. On lap 12 Ted Christopher got past Eric and ran in front of Eric until Ted and Jerry Marquis got together out of four right in front of Eric and spun relegating them to the rear and putting Eric in 3rd. Two laps later he moved into 2nd. For the remainder of the race Eric was in second and endured several cautions to bring the Horwith Racing #19 home in second place. The car was just a little tight going into the turn giving the crew something to work out for the 100 lap Richie Evans Memorial Race.

Wednesday, February, 13 - Eric Wins 2nd Feature of Speedweeks
Eric time trialed in the 11th position. Eric started in the 11th position and by the 3rd lap he was up to 6th. By lap 8 Eric was up to to 5th. For the next 19 laps Eric ran behind the 2 car of JR Bertuccio in the 4th position. Charlie Pateryak, John Blewett and Ted Christopher dropped out after experiencing technical difficulties. Coming out 4 Eric passed the 2 and was now in 3rd. 5 laps later Eric moved under Nevin George to take over 2nd. At this time there was about a straight away distance between Eric and leader Robbie Summers. This went on for several laps until a caution flew, bunching back the field. On the next restart Eric and Robbie Summers put on a show for the fans racing side by side for several laps with Eric finally cleared Summers at the line as the caution was flying. For the next 10 laps Eric held off the field to bring the Horwith Racing #19 NASCAR modified in for its 2nd win of Speedweeks.

Tuesday, February, 12 - Eric Wins 1st Feature - 2nd Feature 23rd
Eric started the rained out feature on the pole - first 6 laps went green - caution flew and then Eric went on to hold off the rest of the field to come home for the first win of 2002. The margin of victory was by a straight away. This was special win as Eric won on his sister Lori's Birthday.
Eric started the regular feature in fourth and right off the start the left rear wheel was causing the car to vibrate. After the race the crew inspected the wheel and found a defect. Eric pulled in with one and a half laps to go finishing 23rd,
Chris Clemens has been doing a wonderful job in the back up #94 - tonight he finished in the 21st position in the 2nd feature.

Sunday, February, 10 - Eric Slated to start pole - Races Rained Out

Saturday, February 9 - Eric Finishes 6th

Eric time trialed fifth and redrew to start pole. Eric led the first two laps until Ted Christopher made his way around the Horwith Racing #19. Eric was holding position until he got a little bump from behind getting him loose and up to the marbles. Eric made a great save to get the car going straight again. With that any chance for a top five finish was out of the question. 6 cautions slowed the 25 lap feature.

Friday, February 8 - Eric Finishes 5th on Opening Night

Eric time trialed fourth best and redrew to start 4th. When the green flag flew the 2nd and 3rd place car seemed to be working together to get position. Once they settled in Eric was back in 6th and looking to get back going. He got back up to fifth and held on to that position. The brakes went away during the race the brakes went away and during the last 5 laps he had none. Congrats to Charlie P on holding off Ted C for an exciting finish.

Wednesday, February 6 - The Race car and Trailer arrives in Florida

Glenn, Howie and Chad arrive in Florida with the Trailer in preparation for Practice at New Smyrna on Thursday.

Saturday, February 1 - The team arrives in Florida

Eric and some of the family and crew arrive in Florida to enjoy some of the Florida Sun before getting back to business on Friday, February 8th at New Smyrna.


Well over 160 fans, friends, family, fellow competitors and racing dignitaries attended the annual Beers Motorsports Racing Party. Thanks to all those in attendance and for all the support.

Saturday, January 13 - Eric is a judge for the Miss Motorsports Contest


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