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After 21 years Eric Beers returns to Mahoning Valley Speedway and repeats as Modified champion

By DINO OBERTO … “Keeping Track”;

The saying, ‘The more things change, the more they stay the same,’ could very well describe Eric Beers’ return to Mahoning Valley Speedway as 2013 Modified track champion.Beers last won the title in 1992. Afterwards the then 22-year old second generation driver from Northampton took his talents elsewhere. The following year he was at Evergreen Raceway and within two years was a champion at the 1/3-mile paved oval in St. Johns. He collected a second track championship there in 2001.He spent a few seasons at Flemington Fair Speedway in Flemington, New Jersey where he had success as well. Prior to this year Beers was a regular on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour which he has raced since 1995. He won and frequently finished among the top five in points. He also scored a career victory in asphalt Modified’s Crown Jewel event, ‘The Sunoco Race of Champions 200’ at Oswego Speedway in 2004. Wins also came at New Smyrna Speedway in Florida during February Speedweeks.While on the NASCAR Tour he raced for a number of car owners but in recent years he’s been teamed with Dave and Laura DeLange of Lockport, NY.Finding success while traveling all over the East Coast helped elevate him among an elite fraternity of pavement Modified stars, yet Beers always made it a point to return to Mahoning whenever his schedule permitted. Most of those visits would result in a win.2013 brought about change for him and the team. After years of venturing with the NASCAR Tour a decision was made to step away from that grind and return to his roots.Their choice became a profitable endeavor too as Beers reeled off a division high eight feature wins en route to the championship including a pair of $3000 victories. In total he earned in excess of $18,000 just in first place finishes and point fund monies. That included a $2000 bonus for winning the Mahoning Modified Madness Series which consisted of a select number of special features and separate point rankings.“In the last 10 years the Modified Tour changed a bunch. It went from a group of weekly racers running 200 lap races and it was a lot of fun the first five-six years we did that. They (NASCAR) then tried to change it over to more of a regional series and that in turn changed the whole atmosphere of the races. It didn’t have the same flare as before, it became more of a business and it lost its flash,” said Beers.“We spent a ton of money and it began to burn us out. Not just Dave and I but my entire crew too. With my race schedule the way it is and then racing all over the East Coast on the weekends, my kids were growing up and I’d see them at the beginning of the year and then the end of the year basically and that made it tough. As it turned out this was a nice decision that we made.“This year was a lot of fun. It brought the fun back to Modified racing for me. To be able to go to my son’s football or baseball games on a Saturday morning and likewise getting to see my daughter play in her events and still be able to race, it made a big difference.”;Winning a championship wasn’t the only highlight for Beers. His eight wins earned him a place in Mahoning Valley’s history books as he became the all-time career wins leader in Modified victories with 36. He surpassed Lou Strohl (32) for the record in mid-June, the same time he grabbed the point lead for good. “It’s just awesome. To get that record and take over from guys like Lou Strohl and the all-time greats who raced here back in the day like George Wambold, Paul Bauscher and so many others, it’s just an honor to finally achieve this goal,” said Beers.“I can remember the night (in 1982) that George Wambold topped Charlie Gilmore for the all-time win record at Dorney Park Speedway,” said Beers. “Charlie came back for that race to try and stop George. So to get the record here is awesome. It brings back childhood memories of Wambold and all the greats.” After getting the wins record Beers continued to focus on his number one standing spot. After the June victory he would not return to the Winner’s Circle until late in the season but he maintained the mark of consistency as he closed out the year with 22 top-5 and 25 top-10s in 27 starts. He added 10 heat race wins and led 304 feature laps, all tops in the division. “When you start out the season and knowing the caliber of competition there, you’re not sure how you’re going to stack up. I knew we’d be in contention for wins but to get that many so early into the season we were lucky - right place at the right time,” he explained.“I expected to run well but I expect that everywhere I go. I expected to be able to run for the points because the last time I ran a full season there I won the points and I expected to do that again. I am not saying that I’m better than everyone else, that’s just the pressure I put on myself,” he continued.“As the year went I actually started to learn more and more about the race track with weather conditions which seemed to help me down the stretch.” Beers faced off against a solid core of drivers that included those in the top five. Nevin George was runner-up and had a stint as the point leader. Roger Coss, ’12 champ Earl Paules and Chip Santee all ran strong to Beers. Together they combine for numerous championships and countless wins.“Everyone that races at Mahoning is a good racer and there is no question. If you go through the amount of wins in a career with the top 10 in points it would be staggering,” said Beers.“Mahoning is a driver’s race track. You have to be easy on the throttle, you have to be smooth with the race car and you have to be able to run in real tight traffic and all of that really makes you a better racer when you go to another track. All of that helped me when I moved on to the (NASCAR) Tour.”; Car owners Dave and Laura DeLange became fascinated with Mahoning Valley after their fisrt visit in 2009. The track’s uniqueness that lends itself to close, side-by-side action and the exciting atmosphere of the fans immediately sold them. Having their driver win as often as he did and then coming away with this year’s championship made it all the better. “This championship means a lot to us and it has been one of our most satisfying seasons by far,” said Dave DeLange. “Seasons like this past one don't come along often and to win this one is our greatest accomplishment in all our years of owning a Modified. We are so fortunate to be teamed with a fantastic driver and a great person like Eric.”; Added 43-year old Beers, “My car owners Dave and Laura DeLange give me what I need to put the power down on the race track, they are the best car owners. They make the five-hour drive every Saturday from Lockport, N.Y., watch the races, then head right back home afterward. Now that’s dedication.” A second Mahoning championship is now his to cherish and perhaps this one is a bit more gratifying then the first. To be able to come back after 21 years and repeat is a testament to his great talent as a Modified stock car driver. “(NASCAR Hall of Fame Modified driver) Richie Evans once said that you don’t really learn to drive these cars until you’re 40. I believe him. I learned a lot running the other series and running 200-lap races. I’ve learned to change my style depending on if the track is loose or tight, and it’s really helped.“It was definitely a big difference running it (Mahoning) weekly, getting to see more of my friends and family week in and week out. That was special for me. It was nice to be able to take a breather from the touring lifestyle and just concentrate on one race track with one car.”;

Oct 26 - Mahoning Speedway - 130 lap- 3
Zane Zeiner Cashes In With $5G Mahoning Valley Octoberfast Victory

When it comes to the big paying extra distance Modified races at Mahoning Valley Speedway everyone comes to expect the likes of either Eric Beers or Matt Hirschman to be vying for the win and most of those times Zane Zeiner has been in their shadow, always close but no cigar.For Zeiner, the big one is finally his. Yes, Hirschman did lead and looked his usual strong self and then Beers assumed command and was seemingly on his way to yet another victory until Zeiner stepped it up a notch with nine laps to go and made a race winning pass. He then drove the Gary Creaty owned No. 23 Modified to a $5000 victory in the season ending Octoberfast 2013 Presented by Tom Ring’s Brown Daub KIA.“This is great to finally get one of these 100 lap wins here,” said Zeiner from Victory Lane. “We just bided our time and saw the right opportunity to get by Eric (Beers) when it counted most.”;Not only did Zeiner score the win but his teammate, 2013 Mahoning Street Stock champion Chip Wanamaker, zipped past Beers on the final lap to take second. Austin Kochenash and Earl Paules, the only other cars running on the lead lap, completed the top five.The 130 lap feature would take much longer than expected to run as numerous cautions consumed much of the time. However, when the lights stayed green the full house of fans was treated to some exceptional competition.After a redraw from the four heats, Zeiner had the pole with Roger Coss alongside. When the race began Zeiner headed out front first and was quickly followed by third starting Chip Santee. After some close two-wide dueling, Santee rose to the front by lap four.At the same time there was an immense amount of tight racing behind him. Zeiner was battling with Paules and Don Wagne while Beers and Hirschman lurked nearby.Paules was running very strong and utilized the outside lane to pull past Zeiner and then go even with Santee for the lead which he did after a lap 14 restart. Not so quick to give up, Santee came right back on the ensuing lap and over the next dozen tours they continued a torrid dogfight.As the leaders fought, Hirschman took advantage of cautions and did some slick maneuvers to advance on their rear bumpers by lap 26. Coming from 14th on the grid, he took second from Santee on lap 30 and then set his sights on Paules.The race for the lead was again extreme. Paules held Hirschman at bay but not by much as they circled around the quarter mile in some very fan appealing side-by-side action. With Hirschman running the high side he finally unseated Paules at lap 51. Two laps later a caution was out and Paules pitted for tires, handing second over to Zeiner with Beers third.On the restart Beers made quick work of Zeiner and then went after Hirschman, eventually gaining the lead on lap 64. On the next lap the yellow was back out and Hirschman used that time to make a tire change.On the restart his day would come to an abrupt end as he was caught up in a jumble in which he collided with Mike Quinn. His car’s front end was damaged to the point that his crew was unable to get him back out in time for the restart and he would call it a night after 67 laps.With Beers still leading, the question was would be able to go the distance without a pit stop. Likewise with Zeiner as they both elected to stay on track while everyone else made at least one stop. Not only were their tires a concern but more so with fuel due to the high number of caution laps.Undaunted, they carried on. Beers was showing no signs of slowing nor conserving either as he was pulling away as the laps began clicking towards the finish. Then a caution with 15 laps to go would not only erase his comfortable lead but change the complexity of the race all together.As Zeiner lined up alongside him for the restart, Beers was not pulling ahead as he previously had. Zeiner saw this as his time to strike. Taking the high groove, he eased alongside with ten laps remaining and then vaulted into first on the next go around where he would stay to the checkers.“The longest race I had ever won here was a 76 lapper. We have been chasing these 100 lap races for a long time and this marks a huge victory for us. I can’t thank my crew and car owner Gary Creaty for all the hard work,” offered Zeiner.“Eric (Beers) was tough out there especially towards the end but like I said we just bided our time and the right opportunity came along.”;Wanamaker, who had moved into the top five with 25 laps left to run, found a burst of power after the last restart and went head to head with Beers after Zeiner had taken the lead. It wasn’t until the final lap that he secured the spot and made it a satisfying day for the team.“This was a great run and I owe it all to Zane (Zeiner),” said Wanamaker. “We got together this past week and worked real hard at getting everything in the car right for tonight and it was like a rocket out there. To be able to get around Eric Beers and then come home second to Zane and have a one-two finish as teammates is a gratifying feeling.”Beers noted that his demise came from a blistering tire that caused a serious shimmy and he was just holding on near the end. His finish did however earn him a second title on the year as he collected the overall championship for the Mahoning Modified Madness Series that nicely accompanies his track title.

Heats for the 29 Modifieds went to Eric Mauriello, Santee, Beers and Zeiner with Jimmy Zacharis annexing the consi.
With $3000 to win, the largest Dirt Modified field since 2005 came out to contend for the cash and glory in the 60-lap affair and taking top honors was Ricky Ross Jr., who made his first ever visit to the Leighton oval his biggest career win.Ross, who started seventh in the 24 car field, passed Ricky Yetter for the lead at the halfway mark and once in front never headed en route to the popular verdict.At the outset Yetter was on a mission as the track fan favorite blasted into the early lead from his outside row two starting spot. From there he was cruising, even setting fast time during the feature. Earlier he sped to a new track record with a Dirt Mod at 10.247-seconds so his strong upfront run was being justified as the feature began.Ross in the meantime got the feel for the track in a hurry. He was second by lap three but Yetter was maintaining a very comfortable distance. However, by lap 25 the gap was shortening as Ross began to reel in the leader.Yetter was having a tire issue as a leaking right rear caused him to slowly back down which gave Ross the chance to seize the lead just as the halfway signal was given.There would be no looking back from there on as he drove perfectly the rest of the way. Newly crowned class champion Jeff Parker eked by upstate New York ace Jessy Mueller on the final lap to get second while former champion Kris Graver, running Corey Renninger’s Big Diamond car, was fourth and Yetter, who had pitted for a new tire, blasted back through to take fifth.Ross, Steve Searock, Dave Gorbatuk and Yetter won heats with Mueller copping the consi.In the Street Stock finale, Stacey Brown and Chip Wanamaker swapped the lead over the first six laps. Afterwards Brown went to the helm for good and would stay the course the rest of the way, covering the 75 lap distance in a solid performance that saw him go most of the way dealing with a relentless Justin Mooney who tried repeatedly to get around.rown never let up his fight and held his ground from the inside lane. In the closing laps Zach Graver made a try but again it would be to no avail as Brown triumphantly took the checkers for his biggest career win which was worth $2000.Mooney settled for third with Todd Ahner and Lorin Arthofer II rounding out the top five.Lonnie Behler, Jillian Long, Graver and Wanamaker won their respective heats with the consi going to Jamie Smith.

Modified Feature Finish (130 Laps): 1. Zane Zeiner, 2. Chip Wanamaker, 3. Eric Beers, 4. Austin Kochenash, 5. Earl Paules, 6. Nevin George, 7. Tony Hirschman, 8. Brandon Oltra, 9. Jimmy Zacharias, 10. Roger Coss, 11. Bobby Jones, 12. Matt Wentz, 13. Ron Frees, 14. Matt Hirschman, 15. Don Wagner, 16. Mike Quinn, 17. Chip Santee, 18. Todd Baer, 19. Andrew Krause, 20. John Markovic, 21. Shawna Ingraham, 22. Eric Mauriello, 23. Lou Strohl, 24. Rick Kirkendall, 25. Eric Kocher
DNQ: Brain DeFebo, Bobby Drown, Wilton Nickerson, Bobby Wagner

Dirt Modified Feature Finish (60 Laps): 1. Ricky Ross Jr., 2. Jeff Parker, 3. Jessy Mueller, 4. Ricky Yetter, 5. Kris Graver, 6. Aleia Geisler, 7. David Hunt, 8. Mike Stofflet, 9. Steve Searock, 10. Bobby Butler, 11. Billy Lowden Jr., 12. Mark Martini, 13. Steve Folk, 14. Bill Sittler Jr., 15. Dave Gorbatuk, 16. Brad Grim, 17. Andrew Krause, 18. Matt Carman, 19. Jack Ely, 20. Dave Thomas, 21. Guy Harby, 22. Tom Cremmer, 23. Louie Mitchalk, 24. Rich Coons, 25. Bill Briggs
DNQ: Scott Adams, Frank Parastino, Tom Soldrich, Dion Naples, Scot Hulmes

Street Stock Feature Finish (75 Laps): 1. Stacey Brown, 2. Zach Graver, 3. Justin Mooney, 4. Todd Ahner, 5. Lorin Arthofer II, 6. Jillian Long, 7. Matt Wentz, 8. Kyle Strohl, 9. Lonnie Behler, 10. Kevin Kromer, 11. TJ Gursky, 12. Jonathan Tracey, 13. Steven Steigerwalt, 14. Chip Wanamaker, 15. Josh Mooney, 16. Jason Frey, 17. Mike Garris Jr., 18. Shawn Sitarchyk, 19. Howie Conk Jr., 20. Gene Bowers, 21. George Ramos, 22. Jamie Smith, 23. Austin Santee, 24. Aaron Kromer
DNQ: Willie Knappenberger, Cody Roth, Guy Ackerman, Jason Duke, Chris May, Paul Morgan Jr., Dennis Buss

Oct 5 - Mahoning Speedway - 100 lap
It seems that whenever a 100 lap Modified race takes place at Mahoning Valley Speedway you are certain to see the likes of Matt Hirschman and Eric Beers dicing it out for the win. After all they have a combined 17 victories of the century mark races and for round four of the Mahoning Modified Madness Series (MMMS) the two would once again face off for the checkers. Give this one to Hirschman. Starting sixth, Hirschman would find his way into the lead on lap 51 and from then on held off Beers en route to the $3000 payday. In this latest edition of the wildly popular 100-lappers, a redraw from the heats would see Austin Kochenash and Beers share the front row. When the race commenced Kochenash, who earlier this year scored his first two wins in a Modified at Mahoning, jumped into the lead. Beers, the 2013 track champion, was surrounding him from all angles but “Kid Kochenash” would hold tight. DJ Wagner, Kris Graver and Nevin George would run near the front pair early on but once Hirschman moved up to third after a lap 39 restart, the race became a torrid affair. There was no telling that Kochenash was a Modified rookie as he ran steady and strong while turning back the two titans. To say they were running under a blanket would be an understatement as the action was incredibly close. Things then became even more intense nearing the hallway point. Hirschman, who was still riding in third, suddenly surged past Beers and then kept the drive going as he dashed around Kochenash and into the lead just as the second half began.
After a caution on lap 54 the remainder of the race went nonstop and Hirschman was faultless as he had little trouble in fending off Beers and claiming his second victory of the year.
“I knew that was going to be tough with Austin (Kochenash) and Eric (Beers) on the front row but thankfully for us it all worked out. A whole opened up and after that it seemed like we were able to pull away,” said Hirschman. Eight of his 10 career Mahoning wins have now come in 100 lap features. Beers settled for second while a very strong running Brian DeFebo came home in third after passing Kochenash with 12 laps to go. Eric Kocher completed the top five.
With the stretch of green flag laps from 53 to the finish, it allowed Hirschman the opportunity to flex his muscle. Late into the race Beers and DeFebo desperately needed a caution for a chance to pass.
“So far this year when Eric (Beers) gets out front he doesn’t get passed. Tonight we were able to get the lead and after that I felt pretty good because I didn’t think he’d be able to beat me just like when I’d been behind him. He’s had the best season here no doubt but we’re going to finish strong with this and the Octoberfast 130,” said Hirschman who is now the MMMS heading into the $5000 to win season finale on October 26. “We just missed the set-up tonight. We were just way too tight from green to checker. We’ll come back at the end of the month and show ‘em what we got,” bottomed lined Beers. If he or any other driver who finished in the top 15 in points wins the Octoberfast there is a $1000 bonus to be awarded.

In the Street Stocks the season long run of different winners rolled on to an amazing 20 as rookie Aaron Kromer posted his career first win coming on his 24th birthday.
Kromer passed early leader Jamie Smith nine laps from the finish and would need virtually every lap from there on to hold off TJ Gursky who needed to win in order to earn a third straight title.
Point leader Chip Wanamaker saw his season nearly implode when he had mechanical issues with seven laps to go and was forced to make several pit stops. He had been in fifth place at the time. Despite going a lap down Wanamaker’s crew thrashed to get him back out to finish the race and although he was a lap down, his 14th place tally was just enough to secure the crown by a scant two points over Gursky.

Modified Feature Finish (100 Laps): 1. Matt Hirschman, 2. Eric Beers, 3. Brian DeFebo, 4. Austin Kochenash, 5. Eric Kocher, 6. Bobby Jones, 7. John Markovic, 8. Chip Santee, 9. Earl Paules, 10. DJ Wagner, 11. Nevin George, 12. Shawna Ingraham, 13. Nick Pecko, 14. Kris Graver, 15. Roger Coss, 16. Todd Baer, 17. Lou Strohl, 18. Mike Quinn, 19. Zane Zeiner, 20. Rick Kirkendall, 21. Matt Wentz, 22. Francis Gross III 23. Terry Markovic DNQ: Jessy Mueller, Randall Richard

Street Stock Feature Finish (30 Laps): 1. Aaron Kromer, 2. TJ Gursky, 3. Jamie Smith, 4. Lonnie Behler, 5. Gene Bowers, 6. Stacey Brown, 7. Justin Mooney, 8. Jason Kuhn, 9. Josh Mooney,, 10. Kyle Strohl, 11. Steven Steigerwalt, 12. Jason Frey, 13. Jillian Long, 14. Chip Wanamaker, 15. Cody Roth, 16. Mike Garris Jr., 17. BJ Wambold, 18. Alan Schlenker, 19. Todd Ahner, 20. Kristy Arthofer DNQ: Jason Beers, Jared Ahner, Willie Knappenberger, Guy Ackerman, Tiffany Wambold

Sept 28 - Mahoning Speedway-
Chip Santee earned one very hard fought victory in Saturday night’s action filled Modified feature as the former two-time champion fended off no less than five different opponents during side-by-side restarts as well as putting up with a blanketed convergence of top guns who hounded him right to the finish. Starting second, Santee darted by pole sitter Terry Markovic at the drop of Bobby Stull’s race commencing green. He then went against John Markovic until lap nine when Nevin George stepped in to challenge as well as a solid running Lou Strohl. Earl Paules was the next to give Santee a go and finally Zane Zeiner who would race him fiercely to finish. They all tried but Santee never flinched and held them all at bay en route to his second win of 2013. “It was one tough race out there and my hat is off to Zane Zeiner, Earl Paules, Nevin George and everyone else. They all gave me a great run, they ran me hard and clean we were on the edge the entire time,” said Santee. “I was a little tight and I started leaning on my right rear and began getting loose near the end so I protected my line a little bit and here we are in Victory Lane.”; After taking the lead at the outset Santee was under fire by the aforementioned. Each of them tried legitimately to make a pass for the lead but got turned away by Santee who was never afforded any breathing room. The entire race at the front was performed under close quarters and at most times with a trio vying for the top spot. “It is so tough to beat these guys. Three-quarters of the field can pull off a win on any given night,” said Santee. When Zeiner took over second with 10 laps to go, it came after dueling with Paules. Afterwards he began a dogfight with Santee who would not allow him to drive past his front bumper. And, hanging right in there were Paules and George. “He (Santee) had the inside groove and you can see he was a little tight and I was hoping for a long green, which we got, and I could fight back on the top. But he was the better car tonight then us,” said Zeiner. “We’ll take it. Chip (Santee) drove a heck of a race. We really worked on our car hard for today and I’m happy trying to get ready for next week (100-lapper). These guys will be a lot tougher for that one and hopefully we’ll have something for them.”; With his fifth place tally Eric Beers claimed the Modified track championship and second in his career, his first since 1992

Chip Wanamaker continued his late season surge with the Street Stocks as he won for the second time in the last three events and heads into the final point race next Saturday aiming to claim the division championship.
The current point leader raced from the outside lane like gangbusters, charging up from the 14th starting spot and then cruising past Jamie Smith for the lead with 11 laps remaining. Jason Beers was second and Lonnie Behler third in a bumper-to-bumper finish.

Modified Feature Finish (35 Laps): 1. Chip Santee, 2. Zane Zeiner, 3. Earl Paules, 4. Nevin George, 5. Eric Beers, 6. Kris Graver, 7. Lou Strohl, 8. Roger Coss, 9. John Markovic, 10. Roger Heffelfinger Jr., 11. Eric Kocher, 12. Rob Shultz, 13. Mike Quinn, 14. Terry Markovic, 15. Matt Wentz, 16. Bobby Jones, 17. Tom Flanagan, 18. Rick Kirkendall, 19. Francis Gross III, 20. Scott Meckes DNQ: Joe Stamm, Kevin Rex Jr.

Street Stock Feature Finish (30 Laps): 1. Chip Wanamaker, 2. Lonnie Behler, 4. Justin Mooney, 5. TJ Gursky, 6. Matt Wentz, 7. Todd Ahner, 8. Jason Frey, 9. Jason Kuhn, 10. Kristy Arthofer, 11. Stacey Brown, 12. Josh Mooney, 13. Gene Bowers, 14. Willie Knappenberger, 15. Tiff Wambold, 16. Jamie Smith, 17. Kyle Strohl, 18. Jillian Long, 19. Shawn Sitarchyk DNQ: Jared Ahner, BJ Wambold, Aaron Kromer, Guy Ackerman DQ: Jonathan Tracey, Zach Graver

Sept 21 - Mahoning Speedway- RAIN

Sept 14- Mahoning Speedway- 93 lap - Win
e Ricky Dorshimer Memorial went from a thought, not even part of the schedule, to an unqualified success, especially for Eric Beers who captured the special 93-lap race and $3000 plus lap money.Held in honor of 1993 Mahoning Valley Speedway Modified champion Ricky Dorshimer, it seemed almost fitting that Beers would win this race. It was the year prior that Beers was the track champ and this marks the first time since then that he is racing for points at the Lehighton paved quarter mile oval.Dorshimer followed Beers into the record books the very next season when he took the championship and now 20 years later and Beers is in line to once again become a track titlist. The win certainly helped solidify that too. With just three point races left he sits atop the standings with a safe cushion over Nevin George and Roger Coss.“It’s just a huge honor to win a race with Ricky’s name on it. I grew up watching him race at Dorney Park and then I had the chance to race with him for a few years back in the ‘90s is something I’ll never forget,” said Beers.“He was a great guy to talk to and a great competitor and he’s dearly missed.”Beers’ win was also a record breaker. This was his eighth victory of 2013 which puts him as the new record holder for most wins in a single season.His rise to the front of the pack came after a hard fought duel with pole sitter Chip Santee. At the start of the event Santee led with Coss running alongside him. Fifth starting Beers linked with the front two by lap seven and it became action-packed amongst them.Santee maintained the slightest margin above the other two who were breathing up one side of him and down the other. Beers slipped by Coss on lap 15 and once he did the race was on between him and Santee. In a tremendous display of two-wide, the race for the lead was fierce.Despite frequent tries by Beers, Santee was not giving in and it produced a very tight battle for the lead. Beers also looked to the aid of restarts but even then Santee was on his toes and would not falter.Then after racing even for a number of laps, Beers reached deep and squeezed out the power needed to get by Santee. It was lap 41 at this point.Not long after Santee would fade and marching up to battle was Matt Hirschman. However, after the long clash with Santee, Beers wasn’t about to deal with a repeat, especially from Hirschman who is masterful at extra distance Mahoning races.He would lead the rest of the way and do so with a safe distance and proceed handily to the record run which was also his second extra distance win of the year.“He (Santee) was running tough. Luckily we got a few yellows and had the chance to race him on the outside. We snuck by him and then I was just worried about protecting our home turf because I knew Matt (Hirschman) and Zane (Zeiner) were coming. This is my home track and I wasn’t going to let them beat me,” said Beers.Hirschman, Zane Zeiner, Coss and Todd Baer rounded out the top five. Heat wins went to Beers, Coss and Don Wagner with Kevin Rex Jr., annexing the consi. A strong field of 25 Modifieds were pit side and those who made the grid enjoyed a share of the better than $2100 in lap money that was spread throughout the finishing order.

When Todd Ahner reached the checkered flag first in the Street Stock feature it marked the 18th different time this season that a new winner emerged.
Ahner, who is the all-time wins leader with the class, lead all 30 laps but had a handful to deal with in the likes of Jason Beers and eventual second place finisher Justin Mooney. It was the 28th win for the veteran driver.
Ahner, Jonathan Tracey and Lonnie Behler collected heat wins with Josh Mooney winning the consi.

Modified Feature Finish (93 Laps): 1. Eric Beers, 2. Matt Hirschman, 3. Zane Zeiner, 4. Roger Coss, 5. Todd Baer, 6. Kris Graver, 7. Bobby Jones, 8. Eric Kocher, 9. Brian DeFebo, 10. Chip Santee, 11. Matt Wentz, 12. Nevin George, 13. Kevin Rex Jr., 14. John Markovic, 15. Earl Paules, 16. Don Wagner, 17. Lou Strohl, 18. DJ Wagner, 19. Terry Markovic, 20. Troy Bollinger, 21. John Bennett, 22. Scott Meckes DNQ: Mike Quinn, Francis Gross III, Joe Stamm

Street Stock Feature Finish (30 Laps): 1. Todd Ahner, 2. Justin Mooney, 3. Jason Beers, 4. Kyle Strohl, 5. TJ Gursky, 6. Jason Kuhn, 7. Stacey Brown, 8. Kristy Arthofer, 9. Aaron Kromer, 10. Randy Ahner Jr., 11. Chip Wanamaker, 12. Jason Frey, 13. Lonnie Behler, 14. Jillian Long, 15. BJ Wambold, 16. Mike Garris Jr., 17. Josh Mooney, 18. Zach Graver, 19. Gene Bowers, 20. Jonathan Tracey DNQ: Jamie Smith, Willie Knappenberger, Guy Ackerman, Tiffany Wambold, Josh Oswald

Sept 7- Mahoning Speedway- 35 laps - 4
By winning Saturday night’s 35-lap Modified feature, you could say that Kris Graver of Lehighton made up for the one that got away. It was a week prior that the 20-year old was looking to score a victory but he made a miscalculation by going to high into a corner and slide from contention not long after taking the lead from Earl Paules who went on to take the checkers.
Fast-forward to this past Saturday evening and Graver made a near identical move to the front via the outside lane and on the same lap, 20. This time, however, there were no miscues as the talent-laden local ace drove home to his second win of 2013. "I was beating myself up all week about that loss and this was redemption for sure," said an elated Graver. Pretty impressive too as Graver is in his rookie season with the class and although the record books will show that he is a first year Modified driver, don’t let that fool you. In a matter of six seasons Graver has amassed 31 overall wins to rank him among the elite of all-time track winners. "If we were to travel back in time in 2008 when I first started racing here and someone would be telling me that we’d have had this many wins, I’d look at you like you were a little crazy," said Graver. Graver started on the outside of row one. Pole sitter Eric Kocher was quick to take the lead once the race commenced but was in heavy company as Graver and John Bennett were attacking from all sides. Kocher was doing all he could to shield himself from the pair of opponents. It was Graver who appeared to have the upper hand as he was working the outside line that allowed him the advantage to make haste on Kocher. By lap 17 both drivers faced off side-by-side with Graver propelling to the lead as lap 20 went into the books. This would prove to be the race winning move too. Bennett was able to pass Kocher on lap 23 and from there on would shadow closely behind Graver. "We run so close and just one wrong move and it could be all over but you have to trust one another and racing with guys like Johnny (Bennett) and Eric (Kocher) and all these other guys in this class, you have that here. You are always running with clean guys up front and that makes for awesome racing," said Graver.
Bennett was on the bumper of Graver as the checkers flew and settled for second. Nevin George, Eric Beers and Kocher would complete the top five.

The remarkable trend of different winners in the Street Stocks rolled on as point leader Chip Wanamaker of Palmerton got his first Mahoning win since 2007 and upped the record mark to 18 winners thus far, which chatters the old mark by three.
For Wanamaker, this win could be a defining moment of 2013 and his quest to win the championship. He took the lead from Jonathan Tracey just past mid-race and then fended off Kyle Strohl and Kristy Arthofer for the verdict. With his closest title rivals TJ Gursky and Randy Ahner Jr., mired outside the top 10 at the finish, it gave Wanamaker some much needed breathing room heading into the closing races.

1. Kris Graver, 2. John Bennett, 3. Nevin George, 4. Eric Beers, 5. Eric Kocher, 6. John Markovic, 7. Earl Paules, 8. Roger Coss, 9. Bobby Jones, 10. Lou Strohl, 11. Terry Markovic, 12. Carl Jones, 13. DJ Wagner, 14. Rob Shultz, 15. Chip Santee, 16. Austin Kochenash, 17. Don Wagner, 18. Troy Bollinger, 19. Tommy Flanagan, 20. Scott Meckes
DNQ: Bryan Muth, Brandon Kressler

1. Chip Wanamaker, 2. Kyle Strohl, 3. Kristy Arthofer, 4. Jillian Long, 5.Josh Mooney, 6. Justin Mooney, 7. Stacey Brown, 8. Gene Bowers, 9. Lonnie Behler, 10. Zach Graver, 11. Randy Ahner Jr., 12. TJ Gursky, 13. Aaron Kromer, 14. Jason Frey, 15. Jon Tracey, 16. Jason Kuhn, 17. Jason Beers, 18. Steven Steigerwalt, 19. Todd Ahner, 20. Austin Santee
DNQ: Tiffany Wambold, Jamie Smith, Willie Knappenberger, Guy Ackerman, Jared Ahner, BJ Wambold

Aug 31- Mahoning Speedway- 35 laps - 2

When the 2013 season began at Mahoning Valley Speedway no one would have guessed that three-fourths of the way in defending Modified champion Earl Paules would have to wait to garner his first win. However, the perennial champion of the demanding paved quarter mile Lehighton oval has played a game of patience throughout the year and after months of bidding his time he finally tasted the sweet laurels of victory. It’s not that Paules has been shut out completely. He’s reeled off nine wins to date with the Late Models, took a first with a TQ Midget and even won earlier in the week in a 4-Cylinder Stock at the West End Fair. Yet when it came to the Modified, the driver best known as the “Hurricane” could not connect. That finally ended Saturday as he fended off point leader and top class winner Eric Beers in a closely fought battle for the coveted checkers. “When I got out of the car the monkey ran between the trailers and it was a pretty big monkey that was on my back,” said Paules, who last one a Modified race a year ago on the same weekend. “We made some major changes to the car this week and I put it exactly back where it was last year and finally its close.”;
Close, yes. Not quite perfect though. Paules, who started second, grabbed the early lead over pole sitter Eric Kocher. Kocher was running him very tight and an impressionable drive was being turned in by rookie Kris Graver who made this a torrid three car battle. The trio raced under a blanket for a number of laps until Graver worked to second at the 16th circuit of 35. Running the inside and outside lines perfectly, Graver was not only past Kocher but set his sights on Paules in short order. Three laps after advancing to Paules’ rear bumper he thrust ahead and assumed control. The next five laps Graver was looking good but then a rookie mistake befell him. By racing on the high lane he was leaving a wide opening for Paules to seize and that he did as he shot back to the front with 12 laps to go. And not only was Paules retaking the lead but the miscue also cost Graver who was too far off the racing groove and due to that spun, ending any chance of a win. For Paules his night was far from over as Beers was now alongside and started a two-wide duel to the finish. These two titans raced intensely hard while inches apart. Paules then got a saving grace when four laps from the end a caution waved for Roger Heffelfinger Jr., who stopped. That meant a single file restart which allowed Paules enough breathing room to drive to victory. “Under the caution it helped cool my tires down and I knew we would be good for the last four laps. You need that kind of luck here at Mahoning Valley. The caution fell at the right time,” said Paules. “I know this took a while to win with the Modified but I never got frustrated. People who get frustrated are still sitting at home and they don’t come to the race track. I never quit and I’ll always be back digging hard. I support what I love to do which is racing.”; Matt Hirschman, who in less than 24 hours prior had won a RoC 100 lapper at Oswego Speedway, was third with Nevin George and Lou Strohl rounding out the top five.

31 Street Stocks checked in for the Mike Krempasky Memorial Triple 19s and three different winners shared in the spotlight while numerous drivers reaped cash and contingency prizes.
The top 12 in time trials held a revenge draw for the starting grid of the first 19 lap feature and quick timer TJ Gursky picked number one. He then handed it off to Stacey Brown. With that Brown proceeded to go wire-to-wire in the caution free race and notched his first win of the season. In doing so he helped set a new track record as the 16th different winner in a single season. Brown, who has won in Modifieds and Late Models, earned his first victory with the Streeters.
Keeping with the trend of different winners, Lonnie Behler had the pole for the second race and would not be unseated over the distance as the veteran scored his first class victory since 2008 and upped the new season win mark to 17. Josh Mooney won race number three in a close match with Kristy Arthofer. It was Mooney’s second of the season. As for Arthofer her consistent finishes of three top five's earned her the overall title of the event.

Modified Feature Finish (35 Laps): 1. Earl Paules, 2. Eric Beers, 3. Matt Hirschman, 4. Nevin George, 5. Lou Strohl, 6. Roger Coss, 7. John Markovic, 8. Chip Santee, 9. Mike Quinn,10. Roger Heffelfinger Jr., 11. Kris Graver, 12. Eric Kocher, 13. John Bennett, 14. Tommy Flanagan, 15. Terry Markovic, 16. Rick Reichenbach

1st Street Stock Feature Finish (19 Laps): 1. Stacey Brown, 2. Jillian Long, 3. Kristy Arthofer, 4. Chip Wanamaker, 5. Josh Mooney, 6, Aaron Kromer, 7. Lonnie Behler, 8. Zach Graver, 9. Jason Frey, 10. TJ Gursky, 11. Jason Beers, 12. Gene Bowers, 13. Steve Hoffman, 14. Brian Labar, 15. Justin Mooney, 16. Jason Kuhn, 17. Jonathan Tracey, 18. Eric Kocher, 19. Todd Ahner, 20. Jamie Smith, 21. Guy Ackerman, 22. Willie Knappenberger

2nd Street Stock Feature Finish (19 Laps): 1. Behler, 2. Frey, 3. Gursky, 4. Brown, 5. Arthofer, 6. Graver, 7. Beers, 8. Bowers, 9. Josh Mooney, 10. Tracey, 11. Kromer, 12. Hoffman, 13. Ahner, 14. Wanamaker, 15. Labar, 16. Long, 17. Kuhn, 18. Kocher, 19. Smith, 20. Justin Mooney, 21. Knappenberger, 22. Ackerman

3rd Street Stock Feature Finish (19 Laps): 1. Josh Mooney, 2. Arthofer, 3. Tracey, 4. Wanamaker, 5. Frey, 6. Hoffman, 7. Brown, 8. Graver, 9. Ahner, 10. Kuhn, 11. Long, 12. Bowers, 13. Kromer, 14. Behler, 15. Justin Mooney, 16. Kocher, 17. Gursky, 18. Knappenberger, 19. Beers, 20. Labar, 21. Smith, 22. Ackerman
DNQ: Matt May, Jared Ahner, Tiffany Wambold, Jeff Delong, Devin Gibson, Marc Rogers, Steven Steigerwalt, Mike Garris Jr., Kyle Strohl

Aug 24- Mahoning Speedway- 35 laps - 7
After taking most of the season off, the “King” John Bennett, has returned to his castle. Bennett, who reigns as the undisputed leader in wins and championships at Mahoning Valley Speedway, scored his first Modified victory of 2013 and in doing so reached a new milestone in track history. He became the first driver to break into the 60 win category. He was also first at 40 and 50 victories.
Bennett had moderately stepped away from racing this year to concentrate on life away from the sport. There were a few starts at the beginning of the season then a long break in between. But the past few features he began his comeback and started to show the famous savvy that earned him his moniker. On this night he would roll off from the pole position and after the initial green he never looked back. Bennett was strong, steady and virtually unstoppable as he cruised out front the entire race. He never had a challenge throughout and when he reached the finish his gap was nearly 2.5 seconds over runner up Terry Markovic.“I have to thank the crew a whole bunch. We had a clutch problem after our heat race and they all dove in and changed it and had it not been for them this night would not have been possible,” said Bennett. “I didn’t know how good those guys where behind me. We just tried to keep a nice even pace. Starting position means a ton here. When you start in the back it gets tough because there are so many good cars and it’s hard to get all the way to the front.”; It was the 29th career Modified win for Bennett and this also marked the ninth straight year of winning at least one feature with the class. “That’s absolutely amazing and I would have never thought that when I started in a 4-Cylinder (Stock) here years ago (1995). It feels good. This is a credit to the guys who help us out at the shop and the crew with us each week at the track,” noted the seven time track champion. Markovic was also having a great night. The seasoned veteran raced in second spot the whole race and notched his best finish since coming off a ten year hiatus in 2009. He may not have been able to hang close with Bennett but he was potent enough to race in second with ease. “I’m really proud of my team and guys and congratulations to Johnny (Bennett),” offered Markovic. “This is fantastic for me and I’m as happy as can be. The reason I race here is because I love the fans. This is definitely the best place I have ever raced and we still have fans that love racing and they are the greatest.”; Matt Wentz, John Markovic and Earl Paules rounded the top five.

The Street Stock feature saw a record setting 15th different winner in a single season as Eric Kocher paced the pack for all 30 laps and won his career first with the class. A regular in the Modified division, Kocher got the nod to run the Dennis Buss owned car a month ago. He had only qualified one previous time finishing 16th. Starting from the pole, Kocher was flawless for just being there in only his second feature start. Jason Kuhn ran with Kocher and gave him loads of pressure but in the end had to settle for runner-up

Modified Feature Finish (35 Laps): 1. John Bennett, 2. Terry Markovic, 3. Matt Wentz, 4. John Markovic, 5. Earl Paules, 6. Eric Beers, 7. Roger Coss, 8. Nevin George, 9. Kris Graver, 10. Chip Santee, 11. DJ Wagner, 12. Rob Shultz, 13. Lou Strohl, 14. Don Wagner, 15. Bryan Muth, 16, Joe Stamm, 17. Eric Kocher DNS: Kevin Rex Jr

Street Stock Feature Finish (30 Laps): 1. Eric Kocher, 2. Jason Kuhn, 3. Stacey Brown, 4. Randy Ahner Jr., 5. TJ Gursky, 6. Jamie Smith, 7. Kristy Arthofer, 8. Jason Frey, 9. Jillian Long, 10. Jason Beers, 11. Lonnie Behler, 12. Chip Wanamaker, 13. Kyle Strohl, 14. Gene Bowers, 15. Zach Graver, 16. Aaron Kromer, 17. Josh Mooney, 18. Justin Mooney, 19. Todd Ahner, 20. Willie Knappenberger DNQ: Tiffany Wambold, Jonathan Tracey, Guy Ackerman, Lucas Santee, BJ Wambold, Mike Garris Sr., Steven Steigerwalt

Aug 17- Mahoning Speedway- 35 laps- 7

Every now and again there is that one race, you know the one that will always standout as memory maker for years to come, the kind of race that was a thriller from start to finish. Well if you were at Mahoning Valley Speedway this past Saturday night you saw one for the ages as Todd Baer scored an absolute nail-bitter over Chip Santee and Kevin Rex Jr., in what would be his first time winning in a Modified at the popular Lehighton paved quarter mile oval. The record will show that Baer led every lap of the 35-lap feature but that was the least of the story. From the drop of Bob Stull’s race commencing green Baer would be shrouded in an intense battle with Rex and later Santee. Rex, who started second, worked to the outside of Baer and would try numerous times to power past but each time Baer would be protective of his spot. There was a set of cautions that waved on laps 10 and 12 and on each of the restarts Baer got the jump. Rex, however, remained at his side and the ongoing fight waged on. With no cautions over the next 11 laps their battle became wicked and Santee, who started ninth, entered into the fray after the 19th tour was completed. From the two car match that was already amazing, now enter Santee and this party just got flaming hot. Fans were in awe as the trio raced under a blanket in a spectacular display of close action that had to be seen to be believed. Mahoning is known for its outstanding side-by-side racing but when you have three Modifieds in that same fashion, the level of intensity is as good as it gets. On lap 21 Rick Reichenbach spun and brought out the yellow. Once again on the restart Baer was on his toes as he pulled out quickly to maintain the lead. Rex then dipped low and was on his rear bumper which gave Santee the chance to take the high lane. In doing so he found the thrust he need to get around and it was now his turn to run against Baer. And that he did. For the rest of the race Santee tried lap after lap to make a pass but just as he did with Rex, Baer was up to the challenge. All eyes stayed glued on this front duo as the best race of the season was unfolding before them. And Rex stayed within a few feet. Baer would cross the finish line a scant .240 of a second over Santee with Rex right there in third. Roger Heffelfinger Jr., and Lou Strohl would complete the top five. “Chip (Santee) gave me a hell of a run on the outside and I wasn’t sure if I had it for him but thankfully we held on and here we are in Victory Lane,” said Baer, who last won a feature at Mahoning Valley in 2006 which came in a Pro 4. “It was hard racing. He gave it his all from the outside and I did the same from the inside and that’s what you have to do here. I won a lot of races in the Pro 4 and we’ve had a lot of bad luck with this Modified but we got one now and it feels good.”; This marked only the third time Baer has was led with a Modified at Mahoning. In ’09 he led single laps in two separate events. Up until this night his year has been a struggle. Other than a lone top five, his results were drab. He almost parked the car too. His son, Pro 4 regular Nick Baer, was racing a second prepared Modified for the first time at this track and all focus was on him. “It wasn’t until about 9:00 this morning that we decided to even bring the car to the track. All the concentration was on him. He was going to race and I wasn’t. But this morning we decided that we were going for it and it turned into the right decision,” said Baer. For Santee the runner-up was another close call to victory which has eluded him over the past few weeks. “That’s what I love about this place. It’s exciting and tonight was the first time in a while that I was white-knuckling it,” said Santee. “Todd (Baer) had to do what he had to do in order protect his lead and I don’t blame him. It was a great run for him and “Congratulations to Todd. I was on the outside and working this baby (car). It wasn’t quite right and if I could have gotten it to turn just a little bit better I think I could have got him. It was just a little tight.”;

After four lead changes among three drivers, including four times in the last six laps, Gene Bowers emerged victorious for the first time this season with the Street Stocks.
The race was tightly run between Willie Knappenberger and Jillian Long who were the other two leaders. With seven laps to go Bowers was heavily in the mix.
He watched as Knappenberger and Long exchanged first place then he struck with three laps to go. He zoomed in the lead and held on for his first win of 2013. Jason Frey and Justin Mooney took second and third respectively as Long and Knappenberger faded over the final two circuits

Modified Feature Finish (35 Laps): 1. Todd Baer, 2. Chip Santee, 3. Kevin Rex Jr., 4. Roger Heffelfinger Jr., 5. Lou Strohl, 6. Rick Kirkendall, 7. Eric Beers, 8. Kris Graver, 9. Roger Coss, 10. Nevin George, 11. Earl Paules, 12. John Markovic, 13. Terry Markovic, 14. Eric Kocher, 15. Nick Baer, 16. Rick Reichenbach, 17. Rob Shultz, 18. Mike Odwazny, 19. Matt Wentz, 20. John Bennett

Street Stock Feature Finish (30 Laps): 1. Gene Bowers, 2. Jason Frey, 3. Justin Mooney, 4. Lonnie Behler, 5. Aaron Kromer. 6. TJ Gursky, 7. Kyle Strohl, 8. Willie Knappenberger, 9. Jillian Long, 10. Josh Mooney, 11. Stacey Brown, 12. Kristy Arthofer, 13. Chip Wanamaker, 14. Jamie Smith, 15. Todd Ahner, 16. Guy Ackerman, 17. Tiffany Wambold, 18. Randy Ahner Jr., 19. Zach Graver, 20. Steven Steigerwalt
DNQ: Jason Kuhn, Jason Beers, Eric Kocher, Jonathan Tracey, BJ Wambold

Aug 10- Mahoning Speedway- twin 50 - regular show

John Markovic ended a 10 year dry spell at Mahoning Valley Speedway, winning the regular 35 lap Modified feature and Zane Zeiner captured the postponed second half of the Mahoning Modified Madness Series twin 50’s on Checkered Flag Fan Club Night. For Markovic, it was an emotionally charged night for the respected veteran from Bethlehem. He raced to an extremely hard fought verdict and was beside himself during Victory Lane celebration as the win came on the two year anniversary of the passing of his father, Jack Markovic. “I’m a little choked up. My dad passed away two years ago today and I know he was watching over me. It was a good night and I’m very thankful,” said Markovic, who last won a Modified race on May 18, 2003. The Markovic name would actually bookend the start and finish of the race as John’s brother Terry Markovic, started from the pole and led the first six laps. Afterwards a very strong running Eric Kocher took to the helm and was accompanied by Lou Strohl. This would turn into a torrid battle for the lead and while those two dueled, J. Markovic put himself into contention soon after. J. Markovic took care of Strohl with the help of a restart on lap four. He then drove alongside Kocher and began a sizzling fight for the lead. Kocher too, was looking to end years of not winning which added to the intenseness of the action filled race. Working the outside, J. Markovic would eventually find his way to the front on lap 13 and it never was a case of him pulling any further ahead either as Kocher and Strohl raced side-by-side while right on his bumper. For a driver with some impressive credentials, a decade is way too long to stay away from winning and J. Markovic showed that he was not about to surrender. He stayed stout and registered his 32nd overall Mahoning win. “I love this sport and I love auto racing and I love helping people and there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing. I want to win like anyone else but if I finish second or third, it’s OK because they’re all my friends,” said the five-time track champion.
“Second or third is good and I come here to win obviously but I’m here to have fun. I love the sport.”; In a near photo finish Strohl nipped Kocher and for each it was their best efforts to date. Eric Beers and Nevin George rounded out the top five.

For the 50-lap carryover from July 27, Chip Santee jumped to the early lead and within five laps had Kocher giving him a handful. Just as he dealt with in the opening race, Kocher was engaged in two-wide action as Earl Paules was neck-and-neck with him. They would run in that close order for a number of laps while attempting to get by Santee. By lap 15 fast moving Zeiner joined the fight to make it a deeply contested four car battle. By lap 20 Zeiner, who was racing on the outside groove, motored up to second and went into an amazingly crowd pleasing dogfight with Santee. They raced inches apart while aiming at the lead spot, Santee on the inside and Zeiner directly to his right. Both drivers got a chance to catch their breath under a lap 24 caution but once the race resumed so too did their awesome battle. “He (Santee) gave me just enough room and he had to do what he needed and I was just trying to keep him down. He moved me just enough up that we were rubbing which you have to do in short track racing especially here at Mahoning Valley. I’m glad we put a show on for the fans,” said Zeiner. With 27 laps in and the momentum of running on the outside lane, Zeiner finally swept past Santee. From there on he would have no problem although late into the contest Matt Hirschman was making a valid attempt to catch him. “I really have to thank my crew because they worked their tails off tonight. In that first race there was a big melee and we got our bumper in it and it just destroyed the front end of the car. But we kept plugging away and they kept pushing me and here we are in Victory Lane,” said Zeiner. Hirschman settled for second with Santee, Kris Graver and Kocher completed the top five running order.

Modified Feature Finish (35 Laps): 1. John Markovic, 2. Lou Strohl, 3. Eric Kocher, 4. Eric Beers, 5. Nevin George, 6. Roger Coss, 7. Chip Santee, 8. DJ Wagner, 9. Bobby Jones, 10. Terry Markovic, 11. John Bennett, 12. Mike Quinn, 13. Kris Graver, 14. Tom Flanagan 15. Kevin Rex Jr., 16. Rick Kirkendall, 17. Matt Wentz, 18. Earl Paules, 19. Don Wagner, 20. Matt Hirschman, 21. Todd Baer, 22. Zane Zeiner

Make-up Modified Feature Finish 7/27 (50 Laps): 1. Zeiner, 2. Hirschman, 3. Santee, 4. Graver, 5. Kocher, 6. Paules, 7. Coss, 8. DJ Wagner, 9. George, 10. Kirkendall, 11. Don Wagner, 12. Jones, 13. Flanagan, 14. John Markovic, 15. Strohl, 16. Terry Markovic, 17. Rex Jr., 18. Wentz, 19. Baer, 20. Beers, 21. Quinn DNS: Rick Reichenbach

Street Stock Feature Finish (30 Laps): 1. Jonathan Tracey, 2. Zach Graver, 3. Lonnie Behler, 4. Justin Mooney, 5. Kristy Arthofer, 6. Stacey Brown, 7. TJ Gursky, 8. Jason Frey, 9. Josh Mooney, 10. Kyle Strohl, 11. Aaron Kromer, 12. Jamie Smith, 13. Chip Wanamaker, 14. Todd Ahner, 15. Jason Beers, 16. Eric Kocher, 17. Randy Ahner Jr., 18. Tiffany Wambold, 19. Guy Ackerman, 20. Jason Kuhn, 21. Steven Steigerwalt DNQ: Gene Bowers, Jillian Long, Willis Knappenberger, Mike Garris Sr., Lucas Santee

Aug 3- Mahoning Speedway- 35 laps - 12

Nevin George picked up his second Modified win of the season in what was one very exciting feature race. Two-wide racing took place from the get-go and it would be that type of action that played a part in George earning the win. “We’ve been working hard to get back up here. We had a little bit of bad luck the past few weeks and things are straightened out with us now. I got a great team behind me and they work so hard every week and this is what we come here for,” said George. Matt Wentz grabbed the early lead and was clinging to the front spot as a pack of opponents were all over him. Kris Graver, Chip Santee and George were challenging him the most.By lap eight Santee stepped up and went door to door with Wentz as he persistently kept the pressure on. Close at hand were Graver and George.After being closed out numerous times Santee finally got a clear shot at Wentz on a lap 17 restart. For Santee, despite finally getting to the front, there remained an intense battle on his rear bumper. George, Graver, Earl Paules and Eric Beers all were within striking distance. With the help of a few cautions and some slick driving, Beers moved alongside Santee on lap 20. The pair then went into a furious two-by-two battle and riding directly in their shadow was George. At the completion of lap 23 Beers pulled next to Santee and at that point the escalating battle would soon came to a head. Both entered into turn four locked even. They banged and Santee lost control and spun. Beers was called for his part in the incident and was sent to the rear with Santee for the restart. George was now in control with Graver second. As was the rhythm of the race George was being put to the test by Graver. He would not stumble, however, and held on for win number two and just as important gained series ground on Beers in the point standings.
“It was a rough race,” said George. “We’re still in the point battle and I know we took a hit a few weeks ago but we’re coming back and we’re here every week and this is shaping up to be a good end of the year battle.”; Rookie Graver turned in a solid performance in taking runner-up honors. Wentz stayed strong and was third. Zane Zeiner came from 14th to fourth while Paules completed the top five.
In the make-up Street Stock feature from July 27, TJ Gursky hustled his way past Jamie Smith on a lap five restart and then held off Lonnie Behler in what became his division leading third win of the season.
In the regular feature Smith led again but this time he would not be passed and scored his first win of the year while holding off a very determined Behler

Modified Feature Finish (35 Laps): 1. Nevin George, 2. Kris Graver, 3. Matt Wentz, 4. Zane Zeiner, 5. Earl Paules, 6. Todd Baer, 7. Rick Kirkendall, 8. Roger Coss. 9. John Bennett, 10. Kevin Rex Jr., 11. Chip Santee, 12. Eric Beers, 13. Terry Markovic, 14. Todd Geist, 15. Brent Wentz, 16. Paul Frantz, 17. Lou Strohl, 18. Tommy Flanagan, 19. John Markovic, 20. Dean Ficarro, 21. Eric Kocher

Street Stock Make-up Feature Finish from 7/27 (30 Laps): 1. TJ Gursky, 2. Lonnie Behler, 3. Stacey Brown, 4. Josh Mooney, 5. Randy Ahner Jr., 6. Todd Ahner, 7. Jason Frey, 8. Kristy Arthofer, 9. Chip Wanamaker, 10. Jason Beers, 11. Kyle Strohl, 12. Jason Kuhn, 13. Jillian Long, 14. Gene Bowers, 15. Zach Graver, 16. Justin Mooney, 17. Jamie Smith, 18. Aaron Kromer, 19. Jonathan Tracey, 20. Steven Steigerwalt, 21. Willie Knappenberger
DNQ: Did not qualify: Tiffany Wambold, BJ Wambold, Philip Sabetine, Guy Ackerman, Lucas Santee

Regular Street Stock Feature Finish (30 Laps): 1. Smith, 2. Behler, 3. Justin Mooney, 4. Steigerwalt, 5. Wanamaker, 6. Graver, 7. Beers, 8. Brown, 9. Gursky, 10. Bowers, 11. Arthofer, 12. Frey, 13. Randy Ahner Jr., 14. Strohl, 15. Josh Mooney, 16. Kuhn, 17. Kromer, 18. Knappenberger, 19. Todd Ahner, 20. Tracey
DNQ: Jillian Long, Tiffany Wambold, Eric Kocher, Guy Ackerman, Mike Garris Sr., BJ Wambold

July 27- Mahoning Speedway- 3

The “Fightin’ Lehighton” Rick Kirkendall raced to an exciting victory in the first of twin 50 features Saturday night at Mahoning Valley Speedway for round three of the Mahoning Modified Madness Series. Race number two was postponed due to rain and will be rescheduled at a later date.
The popular Lehighton driver had been away from the racing scene the past few years and returned two weeks ago in Shawn Sitarchyk’s SVS Abatement No. 80 car. “It was very exciting from where I was sitting. I may have been a little rusty but it’s just like riding a bike,” said Kirkendall. After redrawing the outside front row for the start, Kirkendall went into a torrid duel with leader Nevin George once the race got underway. George was unquestionably showing himself as the car to beat as he steadily maintained his lead while fending off Kirkendall in the process. However, on lap 32 George encountered a cut left front tire which caused him to lose control and smack hard into the front straight wall. Kirkendall was then elevated into the top spot and over the final 18 circuits was forced into a heavy defensive mode as Kris Graver, Roger Coss and previous week Sunoco Race of Champions winner Matt Hirschman all targeted him. For the fans it was dazzling two and three-wide action taking place as the trio all took cracks at the leader and each time being turned away. The real thrill of the race came on what would have been the white flag lap. With two laps to go Graver and Hirschman attacked Kirkendall from both sides. Graver was on the inside while Hirschman went high. Coming out of turn four for the one-to-go signal from starter Bobby Stull, they were three abreast. In an effort to protect his spot, Kirkendall was using up as much race track as possible. Hirschman was looking to take the lead coming into the final two turns and as he was making his move he made slight contact with Kirkendall’s right side rub-rail which caused his J & J No. 59 to veer out of the racing line and slide against the wall. Kirkendall kept focused and carried on as he still had to deal with Graver. Meanwhile cars began to scatter due to Hirschman slowing and in wise move to avoid any unforeseen chaos the yellow was thrown. With a single file restart Kirkendall was able to stay solid and take his first win since 2008. Graver held on for second while Eric Beers, Zane Zeiner and John Markovic completed the top five. Hirschman, although he did continue on after the scrape, fell back to 12th. “I was the meat in the sandwich with those two (Graver, Hirschman) guys around me. It was just so exciting and this was something I missed for a long time and what a heck of a way to come back,” said Kirkendall. “They made me earn every bit of this. I also can’t thank Shawn (Sitarchyk) enough. I have raced here a long time and this was one of the best rides I ever have driven around this track.”; Hirschman, Earl Paules and George scored heat wins.

Modified Feature Finish (50 Laps): 1. Rick Kirkendall, 2. Kris Graver, 3. Eric Beers, 4. Zane Zeiner, 5. John Markovic, 6. Earl Paules, 7. Mat Wentz, 8. Eric Kocher, 9. Don Wagner, 10. Todd Baer, 11. Chip Santee, 12. Matt Hirschman, 13. Lou Strohl, 14. Terry Markovic, 15. Kevin Rex, Jr., 16. Rick Reichenbach, 17. Roger Coss, 18. Nevin George, 19. Bobby Jones, 20. Mike Quinn, 21. DJ Wagner, 22. Tom Flanagan

July 20 - The Race of Champions
- 10
Not to much to tell here. Car was decent. To say it was difficult to pass was an understatement. There were only a handful of competition passes during the entire weekend of racing. The rest of the passing was done on restarts and in the pits. Eric was spun early and then pitted and then he was sent to the rear later when it looked like the car came down on him coming out two after the car Eric hit had to check up because the car in front of him was checking up. From there it was all Eric could do to hold onto the car because after getting spun every time the car went into the corner the car would vibrate so bad that at the end of the race he had no feeling in his arms hand or fingers.

July 13- Mahoning Speedway - 1

Racing is a game of talent and luck and Saturday night at Mahoning Valley Speedway Eric Beers displayed both aspects in winning for a seventh time. With two laps to go Beers, who started 10th, was looking content to just finish fourth or fifth. But, when front runners Chip Santee and Kris Graver made contact, they also collected the third place car of Nevin George. Beers had just passed Roger Coss for fourth and was able to clear the mayhem and then drove to victory. “We were destined to finish fourth. I was running the outside of Roger (Coss) and beat him to the line the lap (33) before. I thought then maybe I would have a chance to pass Nevin (George),” explained Beers. “I saw Chip (Santee) get turned sideways and I then moved closer to the flagman and zipped on by. It’s a shame they all got together but it was their misfortune and we were in the right place at the right time.”;
When the race got underway pole sitter Matt Wentz darted to the lead. Tom Flanagan and Eric Kocher diced for second until strong running Santee went into the spot with a dozen laps complete. He and Wentz then put in some hard, crowd pleasing side-by-side racing. Om lap 22 a caution was out and on that restart Santee muscled by for the lead. Wentz remained in second until lap 25 when he suddenly spun and fell from contention. Graver was now the pursuer of Santee and the upstart, who was fresh of his career first Modified win two weeks ago, was making every possible effort to grab the lead. Santee continued to stand solid despite recurrent stabs by Graver. With two laps to go time was of the essence and Graver would attempt a last chance move for the lead. Santee was holding his line while Graver looked inside. As he did contact was made and bot went spinning. Innocent victim George had nowhere to go and was collected up in the melee. Santee and Graver went to the rear while the race ended there for George due to a broke frontend suspension.
Beers avoided then all by shooting to the very outside of the track and it would be a move that earned him the win. “Sometime you’d rather be lucky than good and tonight we were real lucky,” said Beers who now ties the record for most Modified wins in a single season.
Coss, Kocher, Kevin Rex, Jr., and Earl Paules completed the top five. Graver, George and Wentz annexed heat wins.

Willie Knappenberger was close to winning the Street Stock feature a week ago as he led the first 17 laps before faltering. This week he was picture perfect as he went flag-to-flag from the front of the pack and won for the first time nine years. Stacey Brown had a season best second with Randy Ahner, Jr., rounding out the top three.
Kristy Arthofer, Knappenberger and Jason Beers scored heat wins with copping the consi.

Modified Feature Finish (35 Laps): 1. Eric Beers, 2. Roger Coss, 3. Eric Kocher, 4. Kevin Rex, Jr., 5. Earl Paules, 6. Rick Reichenbach, 7. John Markovic, 8. DJ Wagner, 9. Tommy Flanagan, 10. Lou Strohl, 11. Paul Frantz, 12. Don Wagner, 13. Matt Wentz, 14. Kris Graver, 15. Chip Santee, 16. Terry Markovic, 17. Joe Mooney, 18. Nevin George, 19. Rick Kirkendall

Street Stock Feature Finish (30 Laps): 1. Willie Knappenberger, 2. Stacey Brown, 3. Randy Ahner, Jr., 4. Jason Kuhn, 5. Kristy Arthofer, 6. Chip Wanamaker, 7. Todd Ahner, 8. Gene Bowers, 9. Kyle Strohl, 10. Steven Steigerwalt, 11. Josh Mooney, 12. BJ Wambold, 13. Jason Beers, 14. Zach Graver, 15. Jason Frey, 16. TJ Gursky, 17. Justin Mooney, 18. Lonnie Behler, 19. Tiffany Wambold, 20. Aaron Kromer, 21. Jonathan Tracy DNQ: Jamie Smith, Greg Long, Guy Ackerman

July 6- Mahoning Speedway- 3rd

With an exciting late race pass, Roger Coss went by race long leader Tommy Flanagan and nabbed his first Modified win of the season Saturday night at Mahoning Valley Speedway. The 26-year old from Lafayette, New Jersey, started fourth and was tagging behind Flanagan and John Markovic for most of the race. Flanagan was having a breakout race after struggling during the past few weeks. He and Markovic both put on an excellent duel while Coss was directly in their tire tracks. At times Markovic would pull alongside Flanagan only to be put back after a burst by the leader. Then Coss would do the same to Markovic as they raced hard and clean for the second spot. Coss finally outran Markovic with four laps to go and was then breathing all over Flanagan. As starter Bob Stull waved the two-to-go signal Coss knew it was now or never. He stepped in low in turn four and had the line over Flanagan. Flanagan, however, was unable to keep his car planted and lost the handle which caused him to spin. Coss made it by without issue and had the lead and then kept Markovic in check to the finish. "He (Flanagan) had a great run going. I’m not sure what happened there, just hard racing I guess and it happens," said Coss. "I can’t thank my family and my girlfriend enough for all their help and support and also to all my sponsors." Coss is running his first full season at Mahoning Valley and the talented young gun has become a fan favorite and has also earned respect amongst his peers with his clean driving. That was just the way he raced to the win too. Once getting in behind Flanagan he gave him pressure but made his winning move only after the opening arose.
"I saw him getting tight near the end. The lap before (the pass) he washed up a little bit going into (turn) one I knew that was going to be my opportunity and I tried making it as clean as possible. We did touch a little bit but I guess rubbings racing," said Coss. "It was great racing tonight this is the best place to race." Markovic scored a season best second while Eric Beers re-took the point lead with his 13th top five in 14 starts. Kevin Rex, Jr., and Nevin George completed the top five. Flanagan, Kris Graver and Beers won heat races.
In Street Stock action, Randy Ahner, Jr., was the winner. Ahner has had a roller coaster type season. Good one night then just the opposite the next. This week, however, the two-time division champion got everything working perfectly and in doing so raced to his first win of 2013. Ahner was tailing early leader Willy Knappenberger over the first half of the race and then with the aid of a lap 17 restart, he blasted by and took the lead. It was his first time out front this season and the seasoned veteran would remain flawless the rest of the way. He had built a huge lead but with three laps to go a yellow was out and that allowed Jason Kuhn a chance to get him. Ahner stayed strong and became the tenth different winner on the year. Randy Ahner, Todd Ahner and Tiffany Wambold were heat winners with Gene Bowers copping the consolation.

Modified Feature Finish (35 Laps): 1. Roger Coss, 2. John Markovic, 3. Eric Beers, 4. Kevin Rex, Jr., 5. Nevin George, 6. Earl Paules, 7. Eric Kocher, 8. Bobby Jones, 9. Chip Santee, 10. Paul Frantz, 11. Terry Markovic, 12. Lou Strohl, 13. Tom Flanagan, 14. Kris Graver, 15. Matt Wentz, 16. Mike Quinn, 17. Roger Heffelfinger, Jr.

Street Stock Feature Finish (30 Laps): 1. Randy Ahner, Jr., 2. Jason Kuhn, 3. Steven Steigerwalt, 4. Jason Frey, 5. Todd Ahner, 6. Justin Mooney, 7. TJ Gursky, 8. Gene Bowers, 9. Chip Wanamaker, 10. Jonathan Tracy, 11. BJ Wambold, 12. Zach Graver, 13. Stacey Brown, 14. Jillian Long, 15. Lonnie Behler, 16. Tiffany Wambold, 17. Kyle Strohl, 18. Willy Knappenberger, 19. Josh Mooney, 20. Kristy Arthofer DNQ: Mike Garris, Jr., Jason Beers, Jamie Smith, Aaron Kromer, Guy Ackerman, Cody Geist

Mahoning Valley Speedway - June 29 - 3

Graver, who is a rookie this season with the Modifieds, slipped to the inside of DJ Wagner on lap 16 for the lead and then fended off one very determined Nevin George in scoring the impressive verdict, coming in just his 12th start with the division. “With all that we’ve been through this year, all the bad luck, it finally turned around and this is a night I’m never going to forget. All the hard work paid off and I can’t thank my pap (Kevin Graver, Sr.,) and uncle (Kevin Graver, Jr.,) for all their help and sticking with me,” said an emotional Graver in Victory Lane. Graver started third and settled in behind early leader Terry Markovic and Wagner. On lap five Wagner took advantage of a restart to oust Markovic from the top spot. But, Markovic would remain very close which also made for some tight action behind them. Don Wagner used the high line to take third from Graver on the same lap and he and Markovic would then go two-by-two. It was an outstanding race as both Wagner’s, Markovic and Graver put on a dazzling display of side-by-side action. Graver then turned up the wick on his No. 01 as he went inside of Markovic on lap 15 then stayed that course to do the same to DJ Wagner on the next go-around. Wagner was able to hang with him for the following circuits.
Todd Baer, who was having his best night to date, stepped up to second spot on lap 21 and would try his best to take away the lead but Graver was having none of that. George then accepted the challenge with ten laps to go and was adamant in his quest to pass Graver. He may be just 20-years old and a Modified rookie but Graver has years of track experience and it showed as the held off George by staying on the low lane. “I felt him (George), he was there but I wasn’t giving up the bottom. I was determined to win,” said Graver, who now has 30 overall wins. “People may not know how special this is to me. I grew up watching races here and always dreamed that one day I would be standing here, winning a Modified race. Never quite on your dreams, never stop dreaming.”;
Eric Beers took third, Baer got a season best fourth and Chip Santee completed the top five.

How tough is it with the Street Stocks at Mahoning Valley? Just ask Kristy Arthofer. After failing to qualify the week prior, Arthofer came back and won. With weekly counts averaging nearly 30 cars, just making the starting grid has become half the battle.
Arthofer started pole and had a race long battle to stay there. Todd Ahner, Kyle Strohl and Zach Graver all made her time out front a difficult stay. She never flinched, however, and would go on to win for the first time in three years. Division point leader Chip Wanamaker came from 17th to second with Strohl claiming third.

Modified Feature Finish (35 Laps): 1. Kris Graver, 2. Nevin George, 3. Eric Beers, 4. Todd Baer, 5. Chip Santee, 6. Kevin Rex, Jr., 7. Earl Paules, 8. Roger Coss, 9. Terry Markovic, 10. DJ Wagner, 11. Don Wagner, 12. Lou Strohl, 13. Keith Mellars, 14. Matt Wentz, 15. John Markovic, 16. Troy Bollinger, 17. Eric Kocher, 18. Brandon Kressler, 19. Tommy Flanagan

Street Stock Feature Finish (30 Laps): 1. Kristy Arthofer, 2. Chip Wanamaker, 3. Kyle Strohl, 4. Jillian Long, 5. Lonnie Behler, 6. Gene Bowers, 7. Todd Ahner, 8. Randy Ahner, Jr., 9. Jason Frey, 10. Steven Steigerwalt, 11. Justin Mooney, 12. Jonathan Tracey, 13. TJ Gursky, 14. Stacey Brown, 15. Jamie Smith, 16. Josh Mooney, 17. Jason Beers, 18. Joe Roberts, 19. Willie Knappenberger, 20. Zach Graver, 21. Aaron Kromer, 22. Jason Kuhn
DNQ: BJ Wambold, Tiffany Wambold, Cody Geist, Guy Ackerman

Mahoning Valley Speedway - June 22 - 1st, 3rd , 1st

Bring together a high caliber field of pavement Modified aces, put 22 of them on a tight bullring quarter-mile oval for three 25-lap features and then watch in awe as they unleash a fury of flat out thrilling action and you have the popular Mahoning Valley Speedway Triple 25s.It was round two of the Mahoning Modified Madness Series and the Triple 25s segment of the high profile races have become a fan favorite. For good reason too as drivers display true talent in racing for the wins in the short distance jaunts and although there was an assembly of star talent, none could equal the display put in by Eric Beers who took the headlines in two of three features. Matt Hirschman was also a winner making it a sweep for the drivers who both hail from Northampton and earned $1000 for each victory.For Beers, it was a night filled with celebration. He was fastest in time trials and started from the pole in the first main. After leading every lap in a non-stop run he scored what was a record setting triumph as he became Mahoning’s all-time wins leader in the Modifieds, marking his 33rd time of placing first.In race one he would prove to be unstoppable as he raced in first place over the distance. Zane Zeiner stayed close to Beers as best he could but in the end it was no contest as drove the DeLange No. 45 took the history making win. Hirschman was third.“It’s just awesome. To get that win and take over from guys like Lou Strohl (who he was tied) and the all-time greats who raced here back in the day like George Wambold and so many others, it’s just an honor to finally achieve this goal,” said Beers.“Time trials tonight were huge. If Matt (Hirschman) would have started pole then he would have won the race. If Zane (Zeiner) would have started pole he could have won the race and the same goes for at least ten other guys. We just got lucky enough that we pulled off a good lap in qualifying and then took the first race. Having this many cars out there and to run so clean is great showmanship and hats off to all of them.”;For race two he came from 12th after a redraw and in distinctive Beers fashion worked his way forward with meticulous precision by avoiding all incidents in his path and in the end notched a solid third.The in the nightcap Beers would bide his time and ride closely behind Nevin George, waiting for just the right moment to make his race winning move. It happened on lap 16 and afterwards it was his race to loose. Not a chance either, as Beers was too strong to overtake and became the first driver to win more than one race in a night during a Triple 25 event. His results also netted the overall winner of the evening. It was also his unequaled sixth win in 12 starts this season.“I have to thank Nevin George for running me clean. I saw his car getting tight as the race went on. Our car was just a little bit free which helped us. I got to the outside if him and he gave me enough room that we could complete the pass,” offered Beers.While Beers’ victories may have come by way of authority, it was a much different case for Hirschman in the middle 25er. His route to winning came after front runners Chip Santee and Roger Coss collided on the final lap.Race number two was by far the best of the trio. With the first 12 cars inverted via a pill pick, Santee had the pole and early race lead with Todd Baer running second. Those two remained closely together with Coss riding third. By lap 14 Coss slipped by for second and from there on he and Santee waged an intense battle. Coss had the inside line working for him and he would take that route to try and get by Santee.
After insistent tries he got his nose underneath Santee as they took the white flag. Side-by-side they raced into turn one. Directly on their rear bumpers were Hirschman and hard charging Zeiner. As the leaders worked towards turn two Santee was slightly ahead. Zeiner, who was on the low groove, then gave a nudge to Coss, hoping to then dive for the lead. Instead Coss slipped up and banged into Santee causing them to spin and bring out the yellow.Hirschman, driving the J & J Motorsports No. 59, was able to steer away from the skirmish and inherited the lead. He then held off Zeiner and Beers over the final lap.“I used up the car really hard. It got exciting there upfront and I went to the outside of the Coss thinking I might be able to get him and Santee. Just as I thought to do that Coss had the same notion and he moved up and actually took me wide and Zeiner got by us both. It was good exciting short tracking,” said Hirschman
Kyle Strohl looked as though he would hold on for his first Street Stock win of the season as he was holding off Jason Frey nicely. However, under a lap 19 caution period, Strohl was forced to make a pit stop due to a flat right rear. Frey then inherited the top spot and would fend off Josh Mooney and Steve Steigerwalt over the remaining distance in capturing his first win of 2013

1st Modified Feature Finish (25 Laps): 1. Eric Beers, 2. Zane Zeiner, 3. Matt Hirschman, 4. Bobby Jones, 5. Nevin George, 6. John Markovic, 7. Roger Coss, 8. Don Wagner, 9. Tom Flanagan, 10. Terry Markovic, 11. Todd Baer, 12. Chip Santee, 13. Earl Paules, 14. Matt Wentz, 15. Eric Kocher, 16. Rick Reichenbach, 17. Brandon Oltra, 18. Kevin Rex, Jr., 19. Lou Strohl, 20. DJ Wagner, 21. Mike Quinn, 22, Kris Graver

2nd Modified Feature Finish (25 Laps): 1. Hirschman, 2. Zeiner, 3. Beers, 4. John Markovic, 5. George, 6. Baer, 7. Jones, 8. Strohl, 9. Kocher, 10. Rex, 11. Wentz, 12. Paules, 13. Reichenbach, 14. Paul Hartwig, Jr., 15. Santee, 16, Coss, 17. Terry Markovic, 18. DJ Wagner, 19. Don Wagner, 20. Flanagan, 21. Andrew Krause, 22. Quinn

3rd Modified Feature Finish (25 Laps): 1. Beers, 2. George, 3. Hirschman, 4. John Markovic, 5. Jones, 6. Wentz, 7. Coss, 8. Zeiner, 9. Oltra, 10. Strohl, 11. Baer, 12. Reichenbach, 13. Santee, 14. Rex, 15. DJ Wagner, 16. Terry Markovic, 17. Kocher, 18. Don Wagner, 19. Flanagan, 20. Graver, 21. Quinn

Street Stock Feature Finish (30 Laps): 1. Jason Frey, 2. Josh Mooney, 3. Steven Steigerwalt, 4. Lonnie Behler, 5. Justin Mooney, 6. Chip Wanamaker, 7. Stacey Brown, 8. Zach Graver, 9. Jason Beers, 10. TJ Gursky, 11. Gene Bowers, 12. Jonathan Tracey, 13. Jamie Smith, 14. Aaron Kromer, 15. Joe Roberts, 16. Kyle Strohl, 17. BJ Wambold, 18. Tiffany Wambold, 19. Willie Knappenberger, 20. Randy Ahner, Jr.
DNQ: Todd Ahner, Jillian Long, Guy Ackerman, Cody Geist, Stone Wentz, Jason Kuhn, Kristy Arthofer, Cody Roth

Mahoning Valley Speedway - June 15 - 2

To get an idea of who will be championship contenders for this year’s Mahoning Valley Speedway Modified division you didn’t need to look past the first five finishers in Saturday night’s feature. Chip Santee, Eric Beers, Earl Paules, Nevin George and Roger Coss all ran in a tight battle with Santee emerging the winner in a battle amongst the top five in points. For Santee, of Walnutport, he turned around weeks of frustration including earlier in the night when he had clutch issues during his heat. It marked the first time in three seasons he came out on top of a Modified feature. He started fifth and within four laps began to wage a good battle with Don Wagner. Then after a restart on lap 10 he shot past for the lead. Wagner stayed on him until lap 18. Thereafter Santee was joined by the other top five point men and they would all run in close formation to the end. “The last couple weeks my car was struggling and my crew busted their tails off this past week. Early today we came up for practice and blew a tire and then we had trouble with the clutch slipping during our heat (race). We even thought about scratching to the rear for the feature but decided to just go out and run as best we can,” explained Santee. “It is an awesome feeling to finally get back to winning. I love this place.”; Terry Markovic led the first two laps before being upstaged by Wagner on a lap three restart. Santee was then all over Wagner and thus began their dogfight. Wagner was having one of his better nights of the season and seemed to have Santee under cover despite the nonstop efforts. And while the front two fought for the lead, close at hand were Paules, Kevin Rex and point leader George. On the tenth of 35 laps the third and final caution was out. When the green reappeared Santee was able to ride the high line around Wagner and assume the lead. The rest of the race was run caution free. Paules worked hard in getting by Wagner which took until lap 19 and one circuit later saw Beers, George and Coss enter into the picture. Paules and Beers then went wheel-to-wheel while glued to Santee’s rear bumper. With ten laps to go second spot was secured by Beers and from there on he would give Santee fits. He looked both high and low and even tried to take advantage of lapped traffic but each time Santee defended his position. “I saw twice someone stick their nose in there and I couldn’t tell who it was. Just ahead was (lapped car) Lou Strohl and he was running strong enough that I was afraid to go to the outside because my clutch was slipping and I didn’t want to take that chance. I had no choice on the last few laps. I actually used him (Strohl) as my shield so nobody would have a shot to get around me,” noted Santee. “I’m glad it was Eric (Beers) who was behind me. He ran a good clean race. He actually helped me out this week and gave me some pointers. He told me to go back to the basics. He’s a great friend. I want to thank him, my crew and especially my dad, this was for him on Father’s Day.”
Markovic and Beers notched heat wins.

Jason Beers of Northampton picked up his first win of the season with the Street Stocks. He started sixth and had bide his time in getting to the front as BJ Wambold and Aaron Kromer were holding down spots one and two in a torrid battle during the first dozen laps.
Thanks to a caution on lap 11 Beers was able to advance to third place and on the restart muscle his way to the front. Five laps later he was in the midst of a great contest with Jillian Long who at one point raced past him for the lead but unfortunately for her was called back thanks to a caution.
Beers made certain that would not happen again as he remained strong the rest of the way. Lonnie Behler got a season best second with Gene Bowers third. Wambold, Beers and Kromer collected heat wins while Justin Mooney annexed the consi.

Modified Feature Finish (35 Laps): 1. Chip Santee, 2. Eric Beers, 3. Earl Paules, 4. Nevin George, 5. Roger Coss, 6. Don Wagner, 7. Kevin Rex, Jr., 8. Matt Wentz, 9. Todd Baer, 10. Kris Graver, 11. Shawn Sitarchyk, 12. Terry Markovic, 13. Paul Frantz, 14. Lou Strohl, 15. DJ Wagner, 16. John Markovic, Troy Bollinger, 18. Tom Flanagan, 19. Bryan Sherwood

Street Stock Feature Finish (30 Laps): 1. Jason Beers, 2. Lonnie Behler, 3. Gene Bowers, 4. Jillian Long, 5. Chip Wanamaker, 6. Justin Mooney, 7. BJ Wambold, 8. Steve Steigerwalt, 9. Jason Frey, 10. TJ Gursky, 11. Stacey Brown, 12. Jamie Smith, 13. Randy Ahner, Jr., 14. Aaron Kromer, 15. Zach Graver, 16. Kyle Strohl, 17. Jonathan Tracy, 18. Kristy Arthofer, 19. Josh Mooney, 20. Todd Ahner21. Jason Kuhn
DNQ: Joe Mooney, Joe Roberts, Willie Knappenberger, Cody Roth, Tiffany Wambold, Guy Ackerman, Cody Geist

Mahoning Valley Speedway - June 8 - 5th

Matt Wentz couldn’t have picked a better night to end a long overdue winless drought at Mahoning Valley Speedway. With a 24-car field that included some of the best of the best, Wentz led wire-to-wire and scored his first Modified victory since 2004.And it was also Fan Appreciation Night. Race goers came out in droves as one of the largest crowds in attendance filled the track and put seating at a premium.Over the past few seasons Wentz, of Lehighton, has regularly been in contention for a win. His cars are always fast, his driving is sharp but for a variety of reasons had always been cut short when it came to the checkers. Saturday night Wentz was finally able to put all his ill-luck behind him as he drove the perfect race with a wire-to-wire run as the leader and defeated an all start cast of opponents. The 35-lap feature, worth $1800 to win, was caution free as well which only added to the excitement of the race.“We had some fine adjustments thanks to Steve Mooney and Rusty Ahner and we made it go. After our heat we didn’t have anything for these guys and they made the adjustments and hooked it up for me,” said Wentz, who drives the Brown Daub Kia No. 72. When the race commenced Wentz was in charge and within three laps had some serious company with the likes of Earl Paules, Roger Coss and Nevin George.Running under a blanket he defended his spot soundly an awesome group of two-wide action was staking place.It was long before Zane Zeiner and Austin Kochenash emerged near the lead pack and right behind them ran Eric Beers and Matt Hirschman.At any given time anyone one of them seemed ready to strike at Wentz but he never faltered in keeping the stout group of rivals at bay.In the last few laps Zeiner charged inside and out to reach second spot and contend for the win. On the final lap he tried to take Wentz from the outside but time had run out and the exhilarating win was secured. The difference was a mere .058-second margin of victory.“The last two weeks that I’ve been up in front it’s been a lot of cautions and restarts. It was great to go straight through and be upfront for it all. We had a great field of cars with some great drivers and this feels awesome to finally get back to winning,” said Wentz Coss, Paules and Beers rounded out the top five. Beers, Kevin Rex and Coss won heat races. In the field was two-time and defending NASCAR Nationwide Series champion and current NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Rookie of the Year contender Ricky Stenhouse, Jr., was driving a car prepared by Paules Motorsports. Stenhouse drove to a 16th place finish.

Palmerton’s TJ Gursky defeated another strong feeld of Street Stocks and earned his second win of 2013. Gursky took the lead after an exciting three-wide restart on lap nine. He then cruised home the rest of the way. Lonnie Behler led the first lap before Aaron Kromer took over. On Lap nine Kyle Strohl had a turn at the lead but the right afterwards the caution was out. When the race resumed Gursky was second and he, Strohl and Todd Ahner spread out three across in their quest for the lead. Gursky, with the only Monte Carlo in the race, won that tussle and the rest was history. Steven Steigerwalt was runner-up and Chip Wanamaker took third. There was a season high 32 cars with Josh Mooney, Behler and Todd Ahner winning heats. Jason Kuhn notched the consi.

Modified Feature Finish (35 Laps): 1. Matt Wentz, 2. Zane Zeiner, 3. Roger Coss, 4. Earl Paules, 5. Eric Beers, 6. Nevin George, 7. Austin Kochenash, 8. Matt Hirschman, 9. Todd Baer, 10. John Markovic, 11. DJ Wagner, 12. Kevin Rex, Jr., 13. Chip Santee, 14. Kris Graver, 15. Don Wagner, 16. Ricky Stenhouse, 17. Brandon Oltra, 18. Rick Reichenbach, 19. Shawn Sitarchyk, 20. Terry Markovic, 21. Dean Ficarro, 22. John Bennett, 23. Brent Wentz, 24. Lou Strohl

Street Stock Feature Finish (30 Laps): 1. TJ Gursky, 2. Steven Steigerwalt, 3. Chip Wanamaker, 4. Randy Ahner, Jr., 6. Jamie Smith, 7. Justin Mooney, 8. Josh Mooney, 9. Steve Hoffman, 10. Zach Graver, 11. Jason Beers, 12. Lonnie Behler, 13. Jason Kuhn, 14. Aaron Kromer, 15. Matt May, 16. Joe Roberts, 17. Jason Frey, 18. Kristy Arthofer. 19. Stacey Brown, 20. Kyle Strohl, 21. Jonathan Tracey
DNQ: Gene Bowers, Jillian Long, Chris May, BJ Wambold, Tiffany Wambold, Guy Ackerman, Cody Geist, Justin Missmer, Josh Oswald, Dennis Buss

Mahoning Valley Speedway - June 1- 5th

For Nevin George, the consistent top five finishes have been prevalent from the start of the season with the exception of the one spot most sought, first place. That result is now in hand as George drove to a solid victory and picked up his first Modified win of the season Saturday night at Mahoning Valley Speedway. George, who started eighth, used a lap 18 restart that saw him jump from third to first and once in front was able to pull far enough ahead and race to the victory which snapped the three race win streak of Eric Beers. “Sometimes you just have to be lucky. The majority of racing is luck and you have to have all your ducks in a row. We have but had just been coming up a little short every week. Eric (Beers) has been having a real good run but tonight we got it,” said George, who hails from Kunkletown. For the outset rookie Kris Graver, the pole sitter, jumped out to the early lead and was doing an excellent job of pacing the pack. He had Matt Wentz hot on his tail but Graver was solid. Running a close third was Kevin Rex, Jr., who tagged along from the get-go.
Graver, who is a multiple champion in Dirt Mods and Pro 4s, was showing why he was so good in those classes by withstanding the nonstop faceoff of Wentz and Rex who hounded the young talent insistently. By mid-race George worked his way to fourth and was confronting Rex. At the same time Wentz continued repeatedly to drive past Graver but it was no doing. Rex then pulled by Wentz at the conclusion of lap 15 and began to make his bid for the lead. Lap 18 would be the turning point of the race. A caution was out and for the restart Graver and Rex would go head-to-head. Rex pulled slightly forward by the time they reached turn one but suddenly George, who was third, saw the bottom open up and he stuck his car inside and began to challenge Rex. They went two-wide into turns three and four and by the time they reached the start/finish line George was out front.
“When the weather is hot like this it’s hard to run the outside. I got stuck on the outside on that restart and you just have to shuffle your way in and the car was very good once we got in front. It’s so hard to win here because there are so many good cars so every win is a big deal,” said George.
After taking the lead he would be on rails the rest of the way and as no one could step up and dare him. Rex took a season best second and likewise with Graver who notched his career first top five since becoming a Modified driver. Roger Coss held off Beers to complete the top five. George also won his heat. Earl Paules also annexed a prelim.
With strong car counts all season the Street Stocks are now running an additional five feature circuits from the previous 25 and holding on for the victory was Joe Roberts of Danielsville who withstood a nonstop blitz by Jason Frey.
Roberts took the lead from Tiffany Wambold on lap two and then traded off the top spot with Frey until finally securing control for good with ten laps to go. Even then he still had a handful of Frey to deal with but stood his ground and raced to his second career win.
There were 29 cars on hand with heats going to Jason Beers, Todd Ahner and Frey. Zach Graver won the consi.

Modified Feature Finish (35 Laps): 1. Nevin George, 2.Kevin Rex, Jr., 3. Kris Graver, 4. Roger Coss, 5. Eric Beers, 6. Earl Paules, 7. Chip Santee, 8. John Markovic, 9. Eric Kocher, 10. DJ Wagner, 11. Terry Markovic, 12. Rick Reichenbach, 13. Todd Geist, 14. Mike Quinn, 15. Don Wagner, 16. Matt Wentz

Street Stock Feature Finish (30 Laps): 1. Joe Roberts, 2. Jason Frey, 3. Stacey Brown, 4. Jamie Smith, 5. TJ Gursky, 6. Zach Graver, 7. Jonathan Tracey, 8. Matt Wentz, 9. Jillian Long, 10. Chip Wanamaker, 11. Justin Mooney, 12. Randy Ahner, Jr., 13. Gene Bowers, 14. Kristy Arthofer, 15. Steven Steigerwalt, 16. Kyle Strohl, 17. Todd Ahner, 18. Tiffany Wambold, 19. Lonnie Behler, 20. Jason Beers, 21. Jason Kuhn
Did not qualify: Steve Hoffman, Josh Mooney, Cody Geist, Aaron Kromer, Justin Missmer, Cody Roth, BJ Wambold, Stone Wentz

Mahoning Valley Speedway - May 25 - Win

There just doesn’t seem to be any stopping Eric Beers as he cruised to his third consecutive Modified win in Saturday night’s action at Mahoning Valley Speedway and fourth on the year. In this week’s winning edition Beers, who hails from Northampton, began ninth on the grid and blasted into the lead on lap 16. He then turned on the afterburners and pulled away to a dominating victory. “Just like last week we got lucky again tonight. This is a quality field of guys here and we’ve just been in the right place on all these nights that has gotten to this spot (Victory Lane),” said Beers. Matt Wentz jumped into the early lead and firmly kept the No. 72 at the front. Early challenges came from Don Wagner and Kevin Rex, Jr., who ran in two-wide formation. Rex eclipsed Wagner for second on lap seven and then stepped up to confront Wentz. Nevin George was also merging with them. Fate stepped in on the 13th circuit and removed Rex from contention. As he was crossing the line to complete the lap his car got swirly and he took a nudge from George who was backing off. George went on but Rex spun and collected several cars in the process. When the action got back underway Wentz still held the point with George, Beers and Roger Coss in line. Beers than got very bold as he made it a three car battle for the lead. He took the low side off turn three and while he was forcing the issue from that route Wentz and George leaned on each other and opened up the lane for Beers.
“Once again the bottom of the track worked for us. The car just sticks so well there and after we grabbed the lead it was hooked up” said Beers who is the first driver to win three in a row since 1998. With no interruptions from there to the finish Beers used every passing lap to extend his lead and went on to a nearly five second margin of victory. He is now tied with Lou Strohl for most career wins with the Modifieds at 32. Racing for second spot was closely contested as George and Coss dueled right down to the wire. George eked out the spot which allowed him to stay second in points to Beers. Bobby Jones and John Markovic completed the top five. Wentz and George collected heat wins.

The Gene Bowers, Sr. Memorial 100 for Street Stocks has become one of the premier events at Mahoning Valley. With $1200 to win plus nearly $2000 in lap money that is spread out throughout the field it makes for a great race and indeed that was the case.
Zach Graver of Lehighton scored the popular victory and as expected it was quite competitive from start to finish. Graver started second and dueled with early leader Chip Wanamaker during the first quarter of the race. He took the lead for the first time on lap 24 and afterwards swapped out the top spot with Stacey Brown and Justin Mooney during the next 43 laps. On lap 67 Graver took the lead for good and went on to his second straight win.
During the later stages Steve Hoffman and Jason Frey went head-to-head for second and third but after post-race inspection they were disqualified for rules infractions. Mooney, Jillian Long and Steven Steigerwalt where then elevated into the front five.
29 cars were on hand with Wanamaker, Justin Mooney and Jason Frey scored heat wins. Jason Beers annexed the consi.

Modified Feature Finish (35 Laps): 1. Eric Beers, 2. Nevin George, 3. Roger Coss, 4. Bobby Jones, 5. John Markovic, 6. Don Wagner, 7. Chip Santee, 8. DJ Wagner, 9. Terry Markovic, 10. Matt Wentz, 11. Rick Reichenbach, 12. Earl Paules, 13. Kevin Rex, Jr., 14. Troy Bollinger, 15. Gary Rinehimer, 16. Kris Graver

Street Stock Feature Finish (100 Laps): 1. Zach Graver, 2. Justin Mooney, 3. Jillian Long, 4. Steven Steigerwalt, 5. Stacey Brown, 6. Jamie Smith, 7. Gene Bowers, 8. Kyle Strohl, 9. Jonathan Tracey, 10. TJ Gursky, 11. Randy Ahner, Jr., 12. Lonnie Behler, 13. Chip Wanamaker, 14. Jason Beers, 15. Kristy Arthofer, 16. Jason Kuhn, 17. Jim Rost, 18. Aaron Kromer, 19. Josh Mooney, 20. Todd Ahner, 21. Joe Mooney, 22. Joe Mooney
Did not qualify: Todd Geist, Guy Ackerman, Tiffany Wambold, Eric Danyluk, BJ Wambold DQ: Steve Hoffman, Jason Frey

Mahoning Valley Speedway - May 18 - WIN

Five races into the 2013 season and Eric Beers of Northampton is off to a fantastic start as he won his second straight feature and third of the year. Fresh off a 100-lap victory, Beers was able to move to the lead after a lap 18 restart and then withstood numerous attempts by Roger Coss to earn the $1800 victory.
“It’s a lot of luck and right now we have luck on our side and hope it stays there,” said Beers.

It was a family front row for the start of the race as DJ Wagner and his father, Don, brought the field to the green with. The elder of the two immediately showed his experience as he jumped out front but the son then rose to the occasion as he passed his father on lap three. This marked the first time in track history that a father and son were running 1-2 in a Modified feature.Chip Santee had a close seat from third spot and made haste within the first four laps as he put Don Wagner back a spot and then set forth towards DJ Wagner. A two-time Mahoning champ, Santee went into a side-by-side duel after a lap seven restart and while racing from the outside lane made his way into the lead by the next go around.DJ Wagner, a sophomore with the class, then fought right back and retook the position with the completion of lap nine. Don Wagner was able to follow and was protecting his spot which also enabled his son the keep ahead of the pack. Santee continued to show his might, however, and was insistent on getting by Don Wagner. Kris Graver was also part of the closeness as he and Santee ran two-wide while riding on Don Wagner’s tail.On lap 18 the heated contest for second came to a sudden halt when Don Wagner and Santee made contact in turn two and several cars behind had to take evasive action. Beers and Coss eluded from the melee and when the race resumed were lined up second and third. Beers then made quick work of DJ Wagner as he surged into the lead and took Coss along with him.“We were very lucky tonight. We started eleventh behind a lot of really good race cars. We ran the bottom on a few of the restarts and then there was that one jingle when a couple guys got together and that got us about five cheap spots and I didn’t have to pass Earl (Paules), Nevin (George), Chip (Santee) or any other of those guys because when that tangle with all them happened I was able to sneak by,” said Beers.From there on Coss never gave Beers much breathing room as he tried several times, specifically after a few restarts, to make his way by.“Roger (Coss) is a good racer and I he always runs you clean. He hung there with us and if the shoe would have been on the other foot I would have been chasing him,” offered Beers.Matt Hirschman drove a steady race and was third at the finish. Earl Paules, fought his way to fourth while DJ Wagner took a career high fifth. Santee and Paules won their respective prelims.“He (Beers) was a little better than me and he drove me real clean and I tried to race him the same way and it just makes for a better show,” said Coss. “I think the only way I could get by him is if he messed up and I heard his name for a long time I didn’t think that was going to happen so I was happy to settle for second.”;

Zach Graver of Lehighton became the fifth different winner in as many weeks with the Street Stocks. Graver had an early battle with Kristy Arthofer as they swapped the lead back and forth over the first half of the 25-lapper.From the 14th tour on, however, it would be all Graver as he stayed out front from there on and was unchallenged in the process. Jonathan Tracy and Josh Mooney came home second and third respectively while Arthofer and Jillian Long rounded out the first five.Jason Beers, Arthofer and BJ Wambold won heats while Chip Wanamaker scored the consi win.

Modified Feature Finish (35 Laps): 1. Eric Beers, 2. Roger Coss, 3. Matt Hirschman, 4. Earl Paules, 5. DJ Wagner, 6. Chip Santee, 7. Nevin George, 8. Don Wagner, 9. Terry Markovic, 10. Matt Wentz, 11. Joe Mooney, 12. Roger Heffelfinger, Jr., 13. Kris Graver, 14. Eric Kocher, 15. Todd Baer, 16. Kevin Rex, Jr., 17. Ron Missmer

Street Stock Feature Finish (25 Laps): 1. Zach Graver, 2. Jonathan Tracey, 3. Josh Mooney, 4. Kristy Arthofer, 5. Jillian Long, 6. Chip Wanamaker, 7. Steven Steigerwalt, 8. Jason Beers, 9. Gene Bowers, 10. Justin Mooney, 11. Cody Roth, 12. Jason Frey, 13. Randy Ahner, Jr., 14. Todd Ahner, 15. Jason Kuhn, 16. BJ Wambold, 17. Stacey Brown, 18. Kyle Strohl, 19. TJ Gursky, 20. Lonnie Behler Did not qualify: Randy Schlenker, Joe Roberts, Jamie Smith, Aaron Kromer, Cody Geist, Guy Ackerman, Tiffany Wambold, Justin Missmer, Jim Rost

Mahoning Valley Speedway - May 11- RAIN

Mahoning Valley Speedway - May 4 - 100 Laps- Win

Eric Beers has become the undisputed leader in long distance Modified features at Mahoning Valley Speedway as the Northampton star took the win in the opening round of the Modified Madness Series. In front of a full house Beers bested a stellar field to notch his eighth career 100 lap race.
Driving the Dave and Laura Delange No. 45, Beers went around early leader Chip Santee on lap 15 and then onto a convincing victory. “The car was flawless the first 30 laps. I saw Chip (Santee) starting to tighten up at the end of that long run we had at the beginning. I took my opportunity there because if I would have waited until later I don’t think I would have got him,” said Beers, who earned $3000 for the night’s work. Time trials locked in the top 12 cars with Chuck Hossfeld setting the quick time at 9.702-seconds at 92.764 mph. Afterwards a redraw was held and Santee drew the pole with Matt Wentz joining him on the front row. In the second row were Hossfeld and Beers.
Santee would jump out to the early lead with Wentz, Beers, Hossfeld and Nevin George in tow. Santee was showing some good power and likewise with Wentz who had both been going through a rough couple weeks. Beers went two-wide and made the pass for second over Wentz with twelve circuits complete. He then set his sights on Santee. Advancing by way of the outside groove, he caught and then overtook Santee with the completion of lap 14. It’s a rarity to see Beers falter after taking a race lead at Mahoning Valley and this would be no different as his Horwith Freightliner entry was riding on rails with perfectly turned laps one after another.
While Beers was cruising ahead, there waged a great battle between Santee and Hossfeld. They continued to swap second spot while running most times in a two-wide formation. George was also hanging closely with them. Santee took second place for good after a lap 59 restart but that would be as far to the front he would go as Beers remained undisputedly in control. Those two clearly had the rest of the pack well covered, but behind them some outstanding action was unfolding.
Hossfeld had a bumper full of George and Wentz and heading into the very late stages he was dealing with Earl Paules, Matt Hirschman, John Markovic and Zane Zeiner. Paules and Hirschman were taking a stab at Hossfeld with six laps to go. Under tight race conditions, Paules touched Hossfeld and veered hard into the turn three wall to end his night with three laps remaining.
On the final restart Hirschman made a swift move on Hossfeld and then a last ditch effort to go by Santee but fell short by a half car length at the finish. Zeiner and Markovic went past Hossfeld with two laps to go and completed the top five. For Beers it was his second win in four starts and marked his 30th career win at the track. “My car owners Dave and Laura Delange give me what I need to put the power down on the race track. You got guys here like Chuck Hossfeld, Matt Hirschman, Chip Santee, Donny Wagner. There are ten guys or better that could be standing here where I am and I was just the lucky that beat them tonight,” said Beers.

Modified Feature Finish (100 Laps): 1. Eric Beers, 2. Chip Santee, 3. Matt Hirschman, 4. Zane Zeiner, 5. John Markovic, 6. Chuck Hossfeld, 7. Matt Wentz, 8. Roger Coss, 9. DJ Wagner, 10. Kevin Rex, Jr., 11. Nevin George, 12. Kris Graver, 13. Rick Kirkendall, 14. Bryan Sherwood, 15. Earl Paules, 16. John Bennett, 17. Eric Kocher, 18. Don Wagner, 19. Bobby Jones, 20. Terry Markovic

Auto racing roundup -- Hirschman drives Horn's mod to 3rd in return from injury

Staff reports | Posted: Monday, May 6, 2013 7:30 pm

Matt Hirschman made his belated season debut Saturday night and showed no ill effects the badly broken wrist he suffered in Feburary during the Battle at the Beach at Daytona.
The second-generation driver wheeled the No. 50 owned by East Norwalk's Bob Horn to a hard-fought third-place finish in the 100-lap feature at Mahoning Valley Speedway in Lehighton, Pa.
The 30-year-old Pennsylvania was the fifth fastest in time trials for the event -- the first in the Mahoning Modifield Madness series -- but started 11th in the 20-car field after a redraw for starting spots among the top 12 time trialers.
Hirschman cracked the top 10, but was shuffled back when he was caught on the outside after a mid-race restart.
He was still mired in 11th on a restart with about 40 laps to go. From there, Hirschman began a steady climb through the field on the tight quarter-miler.
He was third on the final restart of the race with 97 laps in the books, and made a strong inside run on second-place runner Chip Santee with two to go but ran out of room.
Former NASCAR modified tour runner Eric Beers won the event, with Santee second and Hirschman holding off a last-turn charge by Zane Zeiner to take third.
It was Beers' eighth win in a 100-lap event at Mahoning, snapping a tie between he and Hirschman for the most 100-lap wins since the track's re-opening in the late 1980s. All seven of Hirschman's century scores have come aboard Horn's car.

Mahoning Valley Speedway - April 27 - 5th

Austin Kochenash is off to a great start in 2013 as the young talent from Danielsville withstood an onslaught of advances from reigning track champion Earl Paules to score his second Modified win in three races. Both drivers thrilled the fans with an amazing job battling virtually side-by-side for most of the 35 laps. “Towards the end the car got a little tight. Earl (Paules) is a good driver and he ran me clean and that was good racing tonight,” said Kochenash. “To come out and win two races in the first three weeks is amazing. The credit goes to my crew. Theres a lot of good competition here and when you win at Mahoning you really earned it.” Paules started from the pole and had point leader Nevin George to his right. Kochenash lined up third and when the action commenced those three immediately ran under a blanket. Paules was protecting both his left and right flank as George and Kochenash where attacking from each side. Kochenash had the inside lane and repeatedly dove down under Paules. He was able to finally sneak by him for the lead on lap nine but while making the pass there was some contact in the process, evident by the bent left side rub rail on Paules’ No. 8 afterwards. After taking the lead this race was far from over as Paules would not let him pull far ahead. A master of the high side, he continued to fight back and unceasingly would show Kochenash his nose from the right. Yet each time it looked as though he would have the energy to spring ahead, Kochenash held his ground.
“I tried to go by him (Kochenash) a couple times and as you can see my skid rail is pushed into my door. He was giving me room though and the car is in one piece and we’re walking away with another second place finish,” said Paules while examining his car after the race.
Late into the race Zane Zeiner, who was making his first start of the season, came up to third and finished just a few feet behind the front two. George, who was fourth, now has three straight top fives to start off the year. Last week’s winner Eric Beers rounded out the front five. Heat wins went to Paules, George and Kochenash. Overall Kochenash now has three wins in five 2013 starts as he also won the Late Model feature on Opening Night. “It’s always fun to come here and race. This is a great place and the Santee’s have put so much into the track,” said Kochenash.

After failing to qualify for the first two Street Stock races, Brain Labar of Palmerton made up for lost time by leading every lap. It was also his first win in two years. And, for the second time in as many races the class ran a caution free feature. Labar had the pole and wasted no time in controlling the lead. He then had to fend off Randy Ahner, Jr., and Chip Wanamaker in garnering the hard fought verdict as all race long the aforementioned pair gave Labar fits in trying to maintain the front spot. Labar also becomes the first driver to relish in the new higher pay of $600 to win that started this week. Another rock-solid field of 31 cars attempted to fill the 22 starting spots. Winning heats were Labar, Wanamaker and Ahner with Gene Bowers annexing the consi.

Modified Feature Finish, 35 Laps: 1. Austin Kochenash, 2. Earl Paules, 3. Zane Zeiner, 4. Nevin George, 5. Eric Beers, 6. Roger Coss, 7. Kris Graver, 8. Chip Santee, 9. Kevin Rex, Jr., 10. Eric Kocher, 11. Terry Markovic, 12. Don Wagner, 13. Bryan Sherwood, 14. John Bennett, 15. Matt Wentz, 16. Rick Kirkendall, 17. DJ Wagner, 18. Rick Reichenbach

Street Stock Feature Finish, 25 Laps: 1. Brian Labar, 2. Randy Ahner, Jr., 3. Chip Wanamaker, 4. Todd Ahner, 5. Joe Roberts, 6. Jason Beers, 7. Steve Hoffman, 8. Jonathan Tracey, 9. Lonnie Behler, 10. Josh Mooney, 11. Zach Graver, 12. Stacey Brown, 13. Justin Mooney, 14. Gene Bowers, 15. Jason Kuhn, 16. Jillian Long, 17. Jamie Smith, 18. Jason Frey, 19. Aaron Kromer, 20. TJ Gursky, 21. Kristy Arthofer Did not start: Steven Steigerwalt Did not qualify: Roth, Strohl, Tiffany Wambold, Missmer, Uphold, Stein, Geist, BJ Wambold, Ackerman

Mahoning Valley Speedway - April 27 - WIN

Eric Beers Dusts Mahoning Valley Modified Field

(LEHIGHTON, PA 4-20-13) When Northampton’s Eric Beers announced that he was not going to run the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour this season and instead race more regularly at his home track of Mahoning Valley Speedway, it brought an already high quality field up a notch. But despite all the talent, Beers proved no match as he was virtually flawless on his way to winning the 35-lap feature.
Starting from the pole, Beers blasted to the lead at the drop of the initial green and quickly made it a race for second as he was never seriously challenged until a few late cautions afforded runner-up Earl Paules a chance to make a run at him. “You have 19-20 guys that could win here every week. Earl (Paules) is tough and when he pulled up next to me (under caution) I thought, ‘Oh boy here we go.’ But he’s a clean racer and I’m sure I’ll be running second to him a few times this year,” said Beers, who pilots the Dave and Laura Delange owned No. 45. “I want to dedicate this win to all the people in Boston who were affected by the bombing.”; Rookie Kris Graver was on the outside front row for the outset and fell in behind Beers at the start. Rick Kirkendall was next in line then Nevin George and impressive first time Modified starter Brandon Oltra. Beers led the brigade on a non-stop run through lap 19. A spinning car in turn one put a halt to the hot paced action but once back underway it remained all Beers. Within the final handful of laps there were several cautions for minor incidents and each time the race would resume Beers timed his restarts perfectly.
“Bob Bruneau gives us a great engine and we were lucky enough that we had enough grip to put the pedal down and we got a good jump each time after the cautions,” said Beers. Paules was making an attempt to reel in Beers. After starting seventh, he weaved through traffic and into the top three by lap 21. He was locked in behind George until a restart with six to go. The only chance thereafter at getting the lead was on restarts but Beers would have none of that as he went on to notch his 29th career win and take over second spot on the all-time Mahoning Modified win list.
“The car was pretty hooked-up. I don’t know how far out we got on the long run but I was just hoping no one could keep up with us,” said Beers. “I’m just glad we came out on top tonight and I want to thank all the fans who had to sit through some pretty cold weather tonight and the Santee’s (promoters) for having us, this is a great facility.” John Bennett, who started 17th, moved into third with five laps to. George settled for fourth and with that took over the point lead. John Markovic completed the top five. “When I got up to Eric (Beers) that was good enough for me especially after last week. That was the first time in two years that we went off on the hook so I’m happy with second. He was holding the bottom and clearly you weren’t going to drive around the outside of him. You just had to be smart enough and say this is where we’re going to end up tonight,” said Paules, who was coming off his worst finish, 18th, in over two years.
Heat wins went to Austin Kochenash, Beers and Graver with Roger Coss annexing the consi.

Two-time and reigning Street Stock champion TJ Gursky of Palmerton led the entire 25 laps in gaining the win and division point lead. That may not seem as exciting as it sounds but the race was without question a very thrilling as it went the distance non-stop. Run in a total time of 5:01.366, all 22 starters finished on the lead lap.
While Gursky showed plenty of muscle en route to the win, the nonstop action behind him was a flurry of side-by-side action which made for a great race. Steven Steigerwalt came in second with Randy Ahner, Jr., Chip Wanamaker and Stacey Brown rounding out the top five.
Gursky made it a perfect night by winning his heat. Steigerwalt and Ahner, Jr., also copped prelim wins while Jillian Long won the consi.

Modified Feature Finish,( 35 Laps): 1. Eric Beers, 2. Earl Paules, 3. John Bennett, 4. Nevin George, 5. John Markovic, 6. Roger Coss, 7. Chip Santee, 8. Kevin Rex, Jr., 9. Terry Markovic, 10. Eric Kocher, 11. Brandon Oltra, 12. TJ Zacharias, 13. Austin Kochenash, 14. Matt Wentz, 15. DJ Wagner, 16. Don Wagner, 17. Rick Kirkendall, 18. Troy Bollinger, 19. Kris Graver, 20. Bryan Sherwood DNQ: Mike Odwazny, Mike Quinn

Street Stock Feature Finish (25 Laps): 1. TJ Gursky, 2. Steven Steigerwalt, 3. Randy Ahner, Jr., 4. Chip Wanamaker, 5. Stacey Brown, 6. Gene Bowers, 7. Justin Mooney, 8. Jason Frey, 9. Jonathan Tracey, 10. Lonnie Behler, 11. Todd Ahner, 12. Joe Roberts, 13. Josh Mooney, 14. Kyle Strohl, 15. Jillian Long, 16. Zach Graver, 17. Kristy Arthofer, 18. Jason Kuhn, 19. Jason Beers, 20. Steve Hoffman, 21. Jamie Smith, 22. Guy AckermanDid not qualify: Brian Labar, BJ Wambold, Tim Stein, Cody Geist, Tiffany Wambold

4-Cylinder Stock Feature Finish ( 20 Laps): 1. Kyle Strohl, 2. Jake Kibler, 3. Nick Baer, 4. Bobby Kibler, Jr., 5. Dave Chapman, 6. Danielle Paules, 7. Tyler Stangle, 8. Tanner Laybourn

Mahoning Valley Speedway - April 13 - 7th

Since he began his stock car career over five years ago, Austin Kochenash has had some great nights at Mahoning Valley Speedway but none will ever top Saturday’s season opener as the 17-year old from Danielsville took wins in both the Modified and Late Model mains. Kochenash made a late race pass in both features en route to scoring the victories.

The Modified win was very sweet as it was his first start with the class and it came in a 50-lap, $2000-to-win feature. The Late Model verdict was his 17th at Mahoning which boosted his take for the night to nearly $3000. “This feels great. There was a lot of good cars here tonight and I just can’t thank my uncle enough for letting me drive his car and the whole crew for the hard work they put in over the winter, it all paid off,” said Kochenash, who drove the VRP Shocks No. 31 owned by Roger Heffelfinger, Jr. For the start of the Modified main Kochenash lined up third behind the front row of Nevin George and John Bennett. At the drop of starter Bobby Stuhl’s race commencing green George took control of the field and by lap two Kochenash was in second. Despite repeated tries from Kochenash, George was running stout and ably held his ground. The race ran clean through the first 17 laps before the caution waved. Don Wagner had spun on the back straight and in an attempt to avoid contact several cars took evasive action. In the aftermath reigning Mahoning Modified champ Earl Paules had slide into the wall and needed to be towed from the track. He was unable to return and it marked the first time in over two seasons that he had to drop out of a race. His 18th place finish would be the worst in that same span. When the action was back underway George again led the way while Bnnett used the restart to get around Kochenash. Eric Beers then joined the fray with the front trio. With the help of another yellow on lap 34 Kochenash was able to bounce back to second. Bennett, however, remained as close as could be plus the pair kept within in reach of George. With just under 10 laps to, Beers got pinched and spun in turn four which prompted the yellow flag. It was on that restart that Kochenash would pull his race winning move by overtaking George in turn four. Bennett was able to follow into second. Although a few more caution periods took place over the waning laps, Kochenash stayed the course for the popular win. George ran side-by-side with Bennett before retaking second for good with five laps to go. Eric Kocher and Roger Coss completed the top five. “I knew we had a good car for the long run and I bided my time and saved my tires. On that restart I pushed him (George) a little bit in the corner and when I saw the opening I just drove under him. It was a good night for sure and hopefully we can run for the championship in both cars,” said Kochenash. George, who was third in points last year, showed that he will again be amongst the lead runners and title hopefuls after his solid performance. “Nobody wants to finish second but Austin (Kochenash) had been fast for all the pre-season practices and I knew he was going to be a threat for sure. It’s disappointing when you can lead most of it and then end up in second but we’re here for the big picture, we’re here for the points so we’ll take this and move on to next week,” said George. Heat wins for the 24 Modifieds went to George, Bennett and Kochenash with Chip Santee annexing the consi.

Dave Wallace and Paul Koehler, Jr., share the front row for the 25-lap Late Model event with Koehler getting a great jump at the start and darting out to the early lead. Wallace kept tabs on the leader as did Kevin Graver, Jr. but there was no denying the fact that Koehler had the strongest car as he maintained a safe 1-2 car length advantage.
By lap 13 Paul Effrig was making his presence felt and began to challenge with the lead pack. On a restart one lap later he was attempting to make a go at Koehler but after slight contact in turn four he lost traction and spun. The caution came out and at this time Kochenash, who started ninth, was now lined up with Koehler. Over the next half dozen laps these two past class champs waged a torrid battle. Kochenash continued to up the pressure and on lap 21Koehler got nudged entering turn one and could not hold on as he spun from the lead. Kochenash then cruised through the final four circuits to pick up his first Mahoning Late Model win since the final race of 2011.
“We weren’t good in the heat so we had to change up a few things for the feature and the car was pretty good tonight,” said Kochenash. “Overall this was a great night I won’t soon forget. What a way to start the year.”;
Frankie Althouse was second with Mike Sweeney, Graver and Wallace rounding out the top five. Koehler and Wallace notched heat wins.
In Street Stock action Lehighton’s Josh Mooney started from the pole and immediately went into the lead. Mooney was chased by two-time and defending champion TJ Gursky for virtually the entire race. The race became a nip and tuck battle between them. Mooney gave up the lead to Gursky after a lap eight restart only to regain it on the ensuing tour. The rest of the way they ran bumper-to-bumper. Mooney, who picked up his sixth career win, lost last year’s crown to Gursky by a scant two points, and is looking to turn the tides for 2013. There were 31 Street Stocks trackside with heat wins going to Mooney, Steven Steigerwalt and Gursky. Jillian long won the consi.Mark Levy of Pennsbury won his career first stock car feature in capturing the Dirt Modified main. Levy, who started seventh, went from fourth to first on lap 12 of 20 after the top three running cars of Ricky Yetter, JP Curry and Mike Stofflet all careened into the spun out car of Bill Sittler. Levy was elevated into the lead but had quite the hassle the rest of the way as Aleia Geisler did all she could to unseat him. Levy won by the blink of an eye, scoring the memorable victory by a mere .070-seocnd margin. Yetter, who rebounded to finish third and Geisler picked up heat wins. ndsford’s Jake Kibler started from the pole in the 4-Cylinder Stocks and led the first seven laps. He was knocked from the lead by Nick Baer but battled back to the top with within five laps and went on to claim the win over Bobby Kibler, Jr.Corey Edelman of Northampton became the very first winner of the newly formed 4-Cylinder Hobby Stock class. A former Micro Sprint racer, Edelman was racing on asphalt for the first time. He took the lead with two laps to go after Jackson Ring had spun.

Modified Feature Finish (50 Laps): 1. Austin Kochenash, 2. Nevin George, 3. John Bennett, 4. Eric Kocher, 5. Roger Coss, 6. Don Wagner, 7. Eric Beers, 8. Bobby Jones, 9. DJ Wagner, 10. Rick Reichenbach, 11. Brian DeFebo, 12. Kevin Rex, Jr., 13. Nick Pecko, 14. Chip Santee, 15. John Markovic, 16. Shawn Sitarchyk, 17. Terry Markovic, 18. Earl Paules, 19. Kris Graver, 20. Troy Bollinger
Did not qualify: Bryan Sherwood, Matt Wentz, Ryan Russo, Zane Zeiner

Late Model Feature Finish (25 Laps): 1. Austin Kochenash, 2. Frankie Althouse, 3. Mike Sweeney, 4. Kevin Graver, Jr., 5. Dave Wallace, 6. Paul Effrig, 7. Pat Hargan, 8. Kenny Hein, 9. Paul Koehler, Jr., 10. Earl Paules, 11. Jennifer Kutz, 12. George Ramos, 13. Geno Steigerwalt, 14. Rick Wallace

Street Stock Feature Finish (25 Laps): 1. Josh Mooney, 2. TJ Gursky, 3. Steve Hoffman, 4. Jason Kuhn, 5. Jon Tracey, 6. Randy Ahner, Jr., 7. Zach Graver, 8. Jamie Smith, 9. Jason Frey, 10. Steven Steigerwalt, 11. Lonnie Behler, 12. Todd Ahner, 13. Chip Wanamaker, 14. Kristy Arthofer, 15. Kyle Strohl 16. Stacey Brown, 17. Jillian Long, 18. Gene Bowers, 19. BJ Wambold, 20. Tim Stein, 21. Joe Roberts DQ: Justin Mooney Did not qualify: Jason Beers, Brian Labar, Tiffany Wambold, Justin Missmer, Aaron Kromer, Cody Geist, Bernie Uphold, Josh Oswald, Guy Ackerman

Dirt Modified Feature Finish (20 Laps): 1. Mark Levy, 2. Aleia Geisler, 3. Ricky Yetter, 4. Dave Gorbatuk, 5. Mark Martini, 6. Jeff Parker, 7. Chuck Potts, 8. Ray Deemer, 9. JP Curry, 10. Mike Stofflet, 11. Bill Sittler 12. Drew Reinbold

4-Cylinder Stock Feature Finish (20 Laps): 1. Jake Kibler, 2. Bobby Kibler, Jr., 3. Nick Baer, 4. Danielle Paules, 5. Tyler Stangle, 7. Tanner Laybourn DQ: Kyle Strohl, Robert Miller

4-Cylinder Hobby Stock Finish (15 Laps): 1. Corey Edelman, 2. Jacob Oswald, 3. Jackson Ring, 4. Jeff Biegley


DeLange Racing And Driver Eric Beers Leaving The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour
November 2, 2012DeLange Racing And Driver Eric Beers Leaving The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour

By Shawn Courchesne
November 2, 2012

DeLange, of Lockport, N.Y., had fielded a car for Eric Beers, who finished sixth in the Whelen Modified Tour standings driving for the organization in 2012.“Right now we will not be returning to the [Whelen Modified] Tour next year,” DeLange said. “There’s a myriad of reasons. One is Eric spends a lot of time working. He has to put in a lot of overtime. He’s on the road a lot and he’s a very hands on guy. It’s made it very difficult on him with his family obligations and so on. And as far our situation, goes, frankly I’m getting beat up with the travel. We live near Buffalo, N.Y. and the closest races for us are six and seven hours away. It’s tough and it’s started to beat me up a bit. That’s another factor.”DeLange began competing on the Modified Tour in 2008 with driver Erick Rudolph. After parting ways with Rudolph after the 2008 season, DeLange and Beers connected for the 2009 season. DeLange shared the responsibility of fielding a car for Beers in 2009 with fellow team owner Bob Katon Jr. Beers drove to an eighth place in the standings in 2009. DeLange then teamed with owner John Blewett Sr. in 2010 to field cars for Beers, who finished ninth in the standings that year. DeLange has fielded cars full-time as the sole owner for the season for the last two years for Beers. The team was third in the Whelen Modified Tour standings in 2011. “The Tour has become not fun any more,” DeLange said. “It’s costing us more and more money to run on the Tour. My opinion, and this is strictly my opinion, I believe that NASCAR has lost sight of who we are. And by we I mean, the Modifieds. We’re weekend racers and we don’t have full-time paid crews like a Sprint Cup operation or a Nationwide operation. The financial burden has been very tough. They change the rules at the drop of a hat and changing those rules always costs us money. The up and coming year [2013] we’ve got to go to a new seat, we’ve got make adjustments to the car itself and all these things cost money. There’s a price tag to everything and it has become very very difficult with everything they do. “I’ve enjoyed the Tour, I’ve been able to meet a lot of nice people. There’s nobody better than the Eddie Flemke’s and the Jamie Tomaino’s and the Jimmy Blewett’s. I’ll miss racing with those people, I’ll miss interacting with those people, but we won’t miss a lot of the stuff that goes along with the NASCAR operation.”DeLange said he will continue to work with Beers, of Northampton, Pa. He will field a car full-time for Beers next season at Mahoning Valley Speedway in Lehighton, Pa. “Mahoning is a great place to race, it’s a lot of fun,” DeLange said. “It’s a throwback to the old days, which I miss greatly. It’s a very enjoyable.”He said the team will also run special events at Dunn Tire Raceway Park in Lancaster, N.Y., just outside of Buffalo. He said he doesn’t rule out the possibility of making selected starts on the Modified Tour.“A lot will depend on what it looks like cost-wise to make the changes to the car that are necessary for racing with NASCAR next year,” DeLange said.